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Would SENCO lie to me?

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Callingu · 11/12/2020 10:14

Hi, I really need some advice.

My son is dyslexic and is really struggling in secondary school. He barely writes legibly and cannot spell. He uses no punctuation even when typing.

I have pushed for more support. In response, the school has told me that his recent literacy scores show he is average or slightly below average for his year group!

I do not know where they can have got this score from. Would they lie to me? Do SENCOs lie? It's either they've lied or I really do not my own child. If they've lied, why would they? It makes no sense to me.

Throughout his schooling I have always been told that he is working well below expected standard in all areas. My younger child, who is also working below expected standard in primary school, and who is 3 years younger, reads and writes much better.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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Ellie56 · 13/12/2020 20:38

Well something's obviously not right is it? Maybe the SENCO has mixed your child up with someone else?

I would challenge the SENCO and ask how DS1 can possibly be average for his year group when not only has he been below average for however many years, but his sibling can read and write better even though they are 3 years younger!

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