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Changing schools

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ThousandsAreSailing · 22/11/2020 13:32

DC, 14, already goes to a SN school
Numerous problems, I would have to name change to go into more detail. Has been refusing school for most of this year and from summer up to Xmas last year. School has stayed open all the time
Our LA are awful and only interested in finance. I had to go to tribunal to get this school, they actually backed down a week before we made it to tribunal. Child now has ASD to add to their list of diagnosis
The school LA wanted was their own SN school which was in special measures at the time, high turnover of HT and terrible reputation. I think (hope) the ASD diagnosis will protect DC from that school
I've been looking for a different school in the hope of breaking the refusing habit, there was a traumatic event at school although school wasn't to blame
If I found a school and the costs didn't increase should it be fairly easy to get a move approved?

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ThousandsAreSailing · 22/11/2020 13:33

Sorry that was longer than I intended

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buildingbridge · 22/11/2020 21:58

Of course! Especially it's cheaper than your DD's current school, the LA will likely be happy to confirm the move. However, you may need to go to tribunal.. this is always a possibility.

Has the new school accepted your DD? If yes and you want to change schools, I would request an emergency transition review to start the process.

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