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Concern about 22 week grandson

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Parkperson · 11/11/2020 06:43

I am worried so about my grandson. He is five and a half months old. In many ways he is a good baby. He doesn't cry much and he is more or less meeting milestones in terms of development. However, he refuses to make eye contact with anyone other than his mother. If I am holding him and he catches sight of his mother, he smiles a lot at her. With his grandfather and I, he will constantly turn his head so that he doesn't have to make eye contact with us. It is so deliberate on his part. I joke that I only ever see the side of his head.
He is so different to his brother who was a very sociable baby and even if he didn't want to smile he would have no problems looking directly at your face.
I can't sleep for worrying. Obviously, I haven't said anything to his parents but I just feel the lack of eye contact is a red flag.
We have done a lot of childcare for the older one so I am used to babies.
Is anyone available to give me some advice or reassurance?

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