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Toilet training

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Shutupyoutart · 03/11/2020 15:51

Hiya. Having trouble toilet training our son (3 and a half) hes very likely on the spectrum tho no formal diagnosis as yet. Anyway decided to try. he hates the potty, screams and throws it so tried the main toilet. His preschool tried at same time started off with a story about teddy going to the toilet he was sitting on the toilet with lid down and went through actions at school wipe bum, flush wash hands. We done the same at home he seemed happy with this tho never act did anything in the toilet then broke up for midterm and it all went to shit pardon the pun. Crying saying no i didnt push it. Hes been back at school 2 days and hes now the same there. Any advice or tips would be nuch appreciated. Thanks x

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