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Informal exclusion

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Mumofsend · 20/10/2020 17:06

I'm trying to get the bottom of things and its like pulling my teeth out.

DD is on a 1-3 timetable. LA are arguing with the school over it as school are saying she can't be there as manic hyperactive as she was.

The reasons for the part time timetable:

"Reduced timetable start date 08/10/2020
Reason for reduced timetable

was sleeping every morning in school. This has happened daily from April-last week. Since she has not been sleeping, has been angry-hyper all day, running around school and refusing to follow any adult instruction. By reducing the timetable we hope that she will be able to cope with following adult directions for a shorter period of time before building it up to full time. "

Hyperactivity is a well recorded component of her additional needs. Difficulties following adult direction also well recorded within her EHCP.

She is funded 32.5 hours 1-1. I had started asking questions with the LA about her right to a full so they have come down hard on the school who have said they are trying to protect her from receiving exclusions.

We are also looking for a specialist school but that is taking time.

Can they actually exclude her for this? They agreed they could meet needs 27th September and then put her in this on the 8th October.

They acknowledge she has zero clue what's going on when she is running. She hasn't hurt anyone. The head said she is disrupting the education of 180 other children because she is in the corridors and apparantly screaming.

I believe there was a clear trigger for this crash. I believe this is all part of her additional needs. I want school to take her full time but will they not just exclude her?

The LA suggested alternative provision to top the 10 hours in school up. What could this look like?

OP posts:
Ellie56 · 23/10/2020 15:24

I'm a bit confused. How old is your DD and how long has she actually been in school before the P/T timetable was introduced?

So called "informal exclusion" and p/t timetables are actually unlawful exclusion. If they are going to exclude they have to do it officially and give you the relevant paperwork.

"The LA suggested alternative provision to top the 10 hours in school up." It could be anything eg provision elsewhere, some kind of therapy, a tutor. You should ask the LA what they have in mind.

The bottom line is the LA is legally responsible for all provision in Section F of the EHCP and if she's not getting it at school, they need to provide it some other way.

What provision has been put in place to meet her hyperactivity and difficulties with accepting adult direction? Is it not actually in place or is it just not working?

LottieBalloo · 27/10/2020 14:28

Following for interest, DS v similar.

AKiki13 · 08/02/2021 21:00

Hi, this is a bit late but part-time timetables have to be agreed by the parent too so if you haven’t signed paperwork then they can’t enforce it and also they have to be used for as shorter time as possible and are usually reviewed every 6 to 8 weeks and increased accordingly. Is the ehcp still catering for their needs too? Can you ask for an ehcp review to see if they need further support? The problem is they are probably using the part-time timetable to show they have tried other things and tick a box which is wrong but some schools do operate like that.

TiredSENmum · 09/02/2021 06:54

I cam empathise but my child is currently not in school at the moment. His EHCP was finalised in November. I suggested a specialist asd setting but was informed by all the professionals (including the Head) that his current mainstream school could meet his needs with 25 hours funding. Two weeks later, he was put on a PT timetable. I was not happy but had been collecting him after meltdowns anyway. I emailed his caseworker and organised a meeting and we are now waiting for the results of a panel meeting to decide if we can consider a specialist placement. I know I could have refused to pick him up, I also know I could have refused a part-time timetable but I also do not want him somewhere where they cannot support him. It is going to be hard work trying to get him into the school I feel is best but to have the strength to cope with this, I have had to accept it is not working where he is. On paper it should, but the reality was, is clearly wasn't. We played with the idea of mixing in some alternative provision. I honestly feel in our situation it would only confuse my son more. He needs one change, not lots of changes. I would think what do you think is best long term and focus on getting that.

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