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Gretton Special School

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Devonsent19 · 15/10/2020 13:51

I saw thread about 5 years ago asking about this school, which had mostly negative comments about the provision. I am considering it as a residential placement for my son Y9, High functioning autism but anxiety due to 6 failed schools in 18months. The Ofsted is “good” for this year but I know they’ve had issues in the past and the parents‘ view has lots of negatives. Could anyone with a child in the secondary school now please give me an overview? Happy for you to pm me. Thanks

OP posts:
Firechick · 21/02/2021 21:01

Hi Devonsent 19

Did you send your son there in the end? Considering as an option for my DD.

Devonsent19 · 04/03/2021 18:28

Hi no I didn’t. We all got Covid and it became less of a priority. I’m starting to look again now but not considering Gretton

OP posts:
Handoverthechocollate · 20/10/2021 21:20

Hi we're in a similar boat with ds who is in year 9 with 2 failed mainstream settings. We need to name a asd school in the southeast. Can anyone help? They all seem to be full!!

MagratGarlikInDisguise · 24/10/2021 11:18

They aren't full. They aren't allowed to just say that and fob you off. Contact ipsea for help. Often you need to go to tribunal to get a special school place.

Imitatingdory · 24/10/2021 12:31

Gretton is wholly independent, so they can say they are full as in order to be named there must be an offer of a place.

MagratGarlikInDisguise · 24/10/2021 12:39

Ah. Argh!

Imitatingdory · 24/10/2021 12:47

Magarat you make a good point about other schools that aren't wholly independent though. Too many LAs and schools fob parents off.

Handoverthechocollate · 24/10/2021 18:01

We are really struggling with this whole school place thing. The state SS school is full and is operating at 120% capacity because the LA keep putting more children in. So their lovely small classes are a thing of the past! The SS we want is wholly independent, so they can say they are full. It's all very disheartening.....

Imitatingdory · 24/10/2021 18:27

Handoverthechocollate You have probably already considered them, but just in case have you looked at other schools in the Cavendish trust? Also, NAS schools, Priory group, Witherslack, Egerton Rothersay, LVS Oxford/Hassocks, Swalcliffe Park, St Dominic's. I'm sure there's others too.

BurnedToast · 28/10/2021 21:36

Has your DS got a PDA profile? Just wondering why 6 schools didn't work out.

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