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Why HV or GP not referring for ASD test

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Bpeep · 09/10/2020 15:04

I am writing this after reading posts of worried mom's relating to their child's speech and behaviour. Why your gp or HV rejected to refer your kids for assessment. When you raised concerns about your child's speech delay, did they asked about how and when they pointed, shared interest, and other things that we normally discuss in special needs section here.

Were your child not referred because you had told them, yes they pointed and shared interest, so they eventually assumed it could be speech delay.

General question about pointing before 18 month. The questioniore from camhs and mchat target age group from 16 to 30 months about pointing, sharing interest and responding to directions. Many things my child achieved before 30 months, but not before 18 months. He is on assessment waiting list. Have any of you gone through similar things, and what were they finally diagnosed as caught up as NT or under spectrum?

Sorry, if my English is not correct. This is my second language. Thank you.

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