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ASD meet up / support groups in London?

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N4mamma · 06/10/2020 10:08

Hi All,

First time posting on here but have been quietly reading old threads for well over a year which has been super helpful! My 3 year old DD has been diagnosed recently with ASD. Looking for any support groups/ meet-ups with other mums/dads in a similar position? We're in North London :)

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Givemeabreak88 · 09/10/2020 09:46

Hi, I have an asd daughter but it’s a shame we are in the opposite side of London (south) and she’s quite a bit older (9) have you tried the Facebook group for children with autism? It’s nice to have some support isn’t it I wish there was more available

N4mamma · 09/10/2020 21:37

Hi @Givemeabreak88 ! Thanks so much for your reply! My sister is south and so we are there quite often (Bromley). Does your daughter attend mainstream? Mine is due to start school in Sept 2021 and there is just too much to think about amongst other things. It would be so nice to meet up with other parents in a similar boat. Although accepted long ago, it's still quite difficult to get my head around some days. x

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CaramelCookie123 · 13/10/2020 22:57

Hi. My 3 year old son was recently diagnosed of ASD. Would love to chat with other parents as well!
N4mamma - I will PM you.

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