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QueenSoulEmpress1 · 04/10/2020 12:24

I have a 16 year old special needs son who has been failed by our CC for the last 3 years. He was excluded from school. The CC failed to educate and subsequently I took them to tribunal Aug 19 and won but new school failing horribly. This is a school which claims to be able,to,look after children with the same severe problems. Even though they say how lovely he is they basically cannot be bothered and this is going the same way as his previous school. This school was only ever supposed to,have him in the morning until 1 / 1.30 and then he would transfer to his afternoon activities so he has a full day of ‘school’. This school and the CC have failed him. This school has been paid by the CC for a year for my son to be transferred 40 minutes to and from school and of course extra money from him at school. He has spent 2 hours at school for 2 days a week. The school say they can no longer accommodate him as he is self harming and violent and cannot relax at school as it’s a busy environment apparently. We are moving to Bucks and are desperate for this child of mine to have a life which has so desperately been denied to him just because he has autism. I would,be grateful if someone on here has any advice or help. We are desperate for him. Many thanks

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Ellie56 · 04/10/2020 16:59

So he has been at school for 3-4 weeks and the school is now saying they can't meet needs? Hmm

You need an early Annual Review.

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