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8 year old can't read

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MuffinHead · 31/07/2020 21:50

Hey, this post is about my little sister who is 8 years old and can't read. She could probably name a few letters in the alphabet at most. unfortunately her attention span is not great unless it's something she is interested in. So, I'm really wanting to help her, and everything with lockdown will have put her in a worse position than before as she has not done any home schooling at all. I don't live with her otherwise I would have taken home schooling on myself. My older sister also has SEN.

So, I'm hoping to be able to buy some books for her/educational toys or absolutely anything really that might help, but they have to be things she would actually find interesting and use on her own accord. Does anyone have any recommendations at all? Thanks!Smile

OP posts:
Jihhery · 04/08/2020 20:53

Try doing phonics bloom with her (website).

Catandchicken · 17/08/2020 21:39

Pearson do a great series - Rapid - for children struggling to learn to read.
Making connections between the sounds and letters in fun ways: drawing, painting, chalk, whiteboards.
There are loads of great apps
What about something like Nessy? Word shark?
Does she like being read to? Audible?
How about simply putting the subtitles up on any programmes she likes to watch? Or games she plays?

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