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Three year old speech not clear

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Bpeep · 15/05/2020 06:32

Hello Mommies,

Want to ask, how clearly a three year old should speak. My son will be three next month. His is now talking only in two words phrases, mostly understandable by me. What I observed is, when he tries to join more than two words, the clarity in speech is completely missing. He can pronounce words correctly when asked to say it alone.
He often speaks in sentences completely not understandable other a word or two. I still could not figure, whether those unintelligible speech are words or just a babbling. Has anyone gone thro this stage in your child and any advise is greatly appreciated.
Another things, He is not interested in reading stories from books. Any tips to make him sit and listen to reading books?

OP posts:
peanutsandcream · 17/05/2020 12:29

With my ds these things improved as he got older. He is going to secondary school this year and I still often have to repeat words back to him that he has said so he can hear how I say it. He has difficulty hearing the sounds that make up the words. For example he hears L for Th sounds and ch for tr sound. A lot of it was picked up when he started to write and this has helped with his speech. He was not writing until age 5.

With reading stories, I kept trying reading bedtime stories until he eventually enjoyed them and looked forward to it. I still read to him now, it is one of his favourite things.

DreamingofSunshine · 18/05/2020 22:22

I don't have any advice but my DS is very similar. We were in the process of SALT assessment before lockdown stopped it all so I feel in limbo.

As you say, it's the clarity of the words, not a lack of speech. When I can understand him, DS is frequently saying 5-8 word sentences. He is 2.10

Bpeep · 08/06/2020 22:27

@peanutsandcream , Thanks for writing. Is this auditory processing issue. Even my son pronounce words wrongly when he hears it for the first time, and I repeat to him stressing on the correct sound. Does your son has SN?

OP posts:
Bpeep · 08/06/2020 22:31

@DreamingofSunshine, if it only clarity, I heard it comes as they get older. He is also young, nice to know you can understand what he speaks.

OP posts:
DreamingofSunshine · 09/06/2020 05:51

@Bpeep not always! He's been diagnosed with a speech disorder and dysphagia. It isn't something that he will grow out of and is having speech therapy for.

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