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EHCP plan recieved - now what?

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JeDeFloupFlee · 07/05/2020 08:51

Hello, I've just recieved my sons plan. Hes currently not got a school placement as we moved down here to England from Scotland in January and the school in our catchment couldn't meed his needs.

I have no idea what I'm looking at and how to respond to the plan.
How do you know if they have specified he needs a 1-1? I'm finding it not 100% clear to read.
Also it says the Local authority propose his SE needs will be met through a special school and have asked me to put a school as a preference.
Do I need to contact the school first to find out if they have places?
I feel like I'm way in over my head and don't understand any of this system.
It also asks about a personal education budget... I don't know what that is?

I don't know if theres anyone I can phone to discuss as I'm not sure if theres anyone working in the offices, etc.
I'm really struggling with it and don't know anyone who knows anything about it, hoping one of you may be able to help me get my head around this

OP posts:
Ellie56 · 07/05/2020 11:35

With regard to the EHCP:

If the EHC Needs assessment has been done properly, the LA should seek advice from all of the following people:

  1. the child’s parent or the young person;
  2. educational advice (usually from the head teacher or principal);

3.medical advice and information from a health care professional;
4.psychological advice and information from an educational
5.advice and information in relation to social care;
  1. advice and information from any other person the local authority

thinks appropriate;
7.where the child or young person is in or beyond year 9, advice and
information in relation to provision to assist the child or young
person in preparation for adulthood and independent living; and
8.advice and information from any person the child’s parent or
young person reasonably requests that the local authority seek
advice from.

This list is set out in Regulation 6(1) of the Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014 (the “SEN Regs”):

All the professional reports should identify all of the needs i.e difficulties or disabilities the child has (which will go in Section B of the plan) and there should be provision to meet each one of these needs (which will go in Section F of the plan).
The provision should be very specific and say who should be doing what, how long for and when.

You should have been given copies of all the professional reports.Go through all of them with 2 highlighters. Highlight all of your son's needs (eg poor organisational skills, difficulty with time keeping, slow processing) in one colour and then all the provision to meet the needs in another colour.

For example you might have a Speech and Language Therapy report which says "X has great difficulties with social communication." This would go into Section B of the EHCP. The SLT might go on to say "X needs a social skills programme devised by a qualified Speech and Language Therapist and delivered for one hour each week." This would go into Section F of the Plan.

When you have done this for each one of the reports, go through the draft plan and make sure all the needs you have highlighted in the reports are in Section B and make a record of any that have been omitted.

Then make sure all the provision you have highlighted in the reports are in Section F and again make a record of any that have been omitted.

Give the LA a copy of your records of missing information and tell them that everything that has been missed out needs be included in the final EHCP.

If any reports are vague or woolly and use phrases like "requires access to", "would benefit from," "regular" "high level of" tell the LA they are not acceptable and they need to go back to whoever wrote the reports and make them more specific, so that the EHCP can be amended with the specific information.

Information on choosing a school with an EHC Plan:

Information about schools may be found on the Local Offer of your LA and that of any neighbouring LAs.

To search for schools by local authority:

Section 41 special schools:

Independent special schools:

If you choose a school out of area -information about transport to and from school:

If you want to talk to somebody about all this you can book an appointment with the IPSEA advice line. You might have to keep checking for a vacant slot though, as they are put on at different times of the day.

JeDeFloupFlee · 07/05/2020 11:46

Thank you so much, very helpful info. I'll get reading now

OP posts:
KisstheTeapot14 · 26/05/2020 22:15

You will also have a local SENDIASS service - paid for by local authority but allegedly neutral.

I was suspicious of ours but actually lady I met was spot on wit advice and I felt she was genuine and on the side of our child.

They are working as have had email from her today.

There are FB EHCP pages which will also give good advice from parents with experience (scan EHCP and black out details to make anonymous).

It should be very clear what the needs are and provision. B and F are key sections - and legally binding like a contract, so read them as such. In other words are all needs described accurately and fully? Is each bit of provision crystal clear as to who will do it, how many times a week, for how long (30 mins? an hour?) and what should be done. Local authorities love a bit of vague, so watch out for 'child will access....x for UP TO 5 hours' that could me 5 minutes.

Give them not 1 inch of wriggle room.

Happy to look at it for you. We got our amended Final - 4th draft but we are happy.

Took a year of hassling them and pointing out the flaws. 15 pages of flaws I sent them in the first instance. SOSSEN have a great checking service - they ask for a donation for their time. We used them and found them excellent.

They have a good eye for things we would have skated blindly past!

Good luck. It will be worth it!

elunia74 · 18/06/2020 10:52

My 5 year old son was graded unfairly at the end of reception. He has EHCP as he is ASD but he is extremely bright . He reads beyond reception standards, is able to write sentences and is a whiz at maths . He was graded as not achieving EYFS standards in all early years goals . I am furious as the teacher says his communication skills ( he speaks 2 languages but not fluent yet , asks questions and can have a short conversation) are not good enough to grade him higher. I feel she discriminated against my son and I have requested a meeting with the headteacher as I want the predicted grades to be changed . I feel like they are trying to hold my son back and don’t believe in my son’s success in education.

Ellie56 · 18/06/2020 18:58

How have they discriminated elunia?

Communication is not just about spoken language.
If your son has autism he will have some form of communication difficulties.It's part of the criteria for diagnosis.

10brokengreenbottles · 19/06/2020 12:53

Elunia As well as his ASD related communication difficulties, children who are bilingual are often behind monolingual children to begin with. The majority of time this levels out to where they would otherwise be.

Communication underpins large parts of the EYFS curriculum. Some DC with ASD find the move to Y1 better. DS may be one of them. Also, what you see at home may not be what DS demonstrates at school.

If you start your own thread you may get more advice.

Ozziewoz · 25/08/2020 19:58

I appreciate you posted some time ago, but I just wanted to say that my son 4.5 is on par with his peers at home, but in school his teachers are saying he is far behind. From what I can gather this can be very typical with some ASD children. It's known as transference difficulty. Some ASD children can write with ease at home, but literally can't write anything in school. The setting can be far too overwhelming on all their senses etc. At a young age, as is your ds and mine, it seems their focus in on nurturing as opposed to pushing education. If an ASD child can feel more comfortable with plenty of support in place, they are far more likely to progress and catch up. If the focus is on the education, then it's possible the child can delay even further. This is how my ds nursery have explained things to me.

CompassNorth · 07/09/2020 18:36


Took a year of hassling them and pointing out the flaws. 15 pages of flaws I sent them in the first instance. SOSSEN have a great checking service -

15 pages of flaws! - can I ask how many pages their original EHCP draft was? Interested as currently navigating our first EHCP needs assessment and so far we have 4 lengthy reports which will feed in. I can't imagine how long the EHCP will be if it has to fit all this in.

KisstheTeapot14 · 07/09/2020 18:48

It was around 20 something. It is now over 30.

It was 15 pages as we would point out an omission and then write a sentence as to why the need/provision should be there (evidence from report xyz) and what wording we suggest to accurately reflect.

Or we would challenge wording and explain why it was not appropriate/or reflective of need.

We had probably a dozen reports to cross ref as many professionals involved and a mega ton of evidence from school about what worked and what needs were in classroom.

Its as long as it needs to be. That said, its good if its as succinct as poss (no waffling and lazy LA cut and paste job quoting huge chunks verbatim of reports where relevant lines can be extracted!)

Succinct so that it gives someone like a teacher or TA information to properly understand the child and know what is required provision.

As I said SOSSEN are great - they read our first (awful) draft and made a long list of things that needed correcting. That gave us a good starting point to negotiate. We always say 'our legal advisor says....' SOSSEN volunteers really know their stuff and have often been through the process themselves. They offer excellent advice (and for very reasonable donations for their time and knowledge).

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