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Should I be worried cebral palsy

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Peggypig · 29/02/2020 18:00

I have 3 kids the first 2 where normal easy pregnancies and deliveries, but my 3rd was another story such a difficult painful pregnancy which ended in an emergency c-section at 29 weeks she did amazing in the neonatal and she got to come him after 8 weeks.
I thought everything would be fine I knew she would have slow reaching milestones but I wasn’t to worried until yesterday, when the health visitor came and told me she’s very concerned she’s very far behind (she 1 year old but corrected 9 months)
She’s not sitting, didn’t smilie until 21 weeks, Can’t feed herself, favours her right hand side and is very stiff, will only put weight on her tip toe that’s to name a few. The health visitor mentioned Cabral palsy and it’s scared me she said she hitting milestone of a 4 month old
I can’t stop thinking about it does it sound like CP or just slow developing

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minipie · 29/02/2020 23:50

Honestly yes it could be. But even if it is, children with CP can do amazingly especially if they get early physio. Is the HV going to refer you? You need to see a paediatric neurologist. In the meantime try to encourage her to be physical (move and hold things) as much as you can, and especially encourage using her left side, like hold things out to that side.

minipie · 29/02/2020 23:51

My DD has CP. It was a big shock at first discovery. I know it’s scary to consider it may be CP Flowers

Tubbymissusmacqueen · 01/03/2020 15:19

My dc was premature and has CP.
From what you say, cp is a possibility. Prematurity is a risk factor and Stiffness and not meeting milestones can be a sign.
But premature babies can also be delayed and there be no underlying cause and they catch up.
My dc has cp and Is doing well and life is good.
Get the HV to refer you to physio and a paediatrician and they will hopefully be able to hive you some answers.

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