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Anyone's LO diagnosed with PDA?

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Benzer01 · 07/02/2020 21:55

On reading a little about this I am 100% convinced that this is exactly what my son has. I'm really concerned...anyone have any experience they wouldn't mind sharing?

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Benzer01 · 07/02/2020 21:56

And also, how did you go about getting a diagnosis?

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Niffler75 · 08/02/2020 10:04

@Benzer01 Hi, I have a son who is highly anxious with demand avoidant and autistic traits that may or may not be PDA. Still trying to untangle issues so will advise as best I can. 😁
From what I understand it can be a minefield when it comes to PDA, a real postcode lottery. Some LA recognise PDA, some don't, some will only give a diagnosis of ASD with a 'demand avoidant profile'.
I have found the absolute best resource is the PDA Society. The website is chock full of useful info and I think there is a helpline. They may be able to indicate what the status quo is in your area with regards diagnosis.
Take a look at their helpful guides for strategies to use at home. They have been a godsend for us! How is school going? Things can be extremely challenging for demand avoidant kids.
Hopefully others will chime in!

Benzer01 · 11/02/2020 21:08

Thx idea what our area will be like. His teacher has no issues, but under the surface has made a few sideways comments about him knowing how to get what he wants/me having a hard time persuading him to do something he doesn't want to. She is reknowned for not wanting to 'get into' assessments. Can't be bothered with the paperwork, so I guess it's easier to not 'notice' issues unless they're unavoidable. Or maybe he is fine, but has behavioural issues at home/plays up with me!!!

OP posts:
Niffler75 · 11/02/2020 22:34

First step would be to have a chat with your GP and see whether the pathway in your area is to first be reviewed by a Paediatrician or whether it's a referral straight to autism pathway. Honestly give PDA society a call. They are v helpful! ☺

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