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Taking EHCP to another county

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FurryCat1978 · 03/02/2020 22:28

Hi, I’ve been advised to complete an EHCP for my DD (4.5) who is on the autism diagnosis pathway. She’s currently in an independent nursery setting, due to start in September in year 1. She may be having to join mainstream for this. While I know it is possible to transfer an EHCP to a new county I’m just wondering if anyone has experienced doing this. My concern is the EHCP will be completed in our current county this academic year but we may be moving over the summer holiday so from an administration point of view how will that affect getting support in place for September at her potential new school? Any viewpoints?

OP posts:
FecktheBoss · 04/02/2020 18:42

Yr current LA cant transfer the Ehcp until the day that you move. It's written based on the child's needs and those needs dont change just because you have moved so if old LA deem mainstream appropriate then new LA will look for mainstream school.

Go and look at the schools in the area that you are moving to and have your preference. On the day of the move, make sure old LA have sent papers to new LA and contact new LA and say that you would like them to consult with X school. They should send plan on old LA paperwork to new school to request a place. New school have 15 days to respond.

If the plan is still in draft form then the old LA will forward the papers and the new LA will complete the ehcp needs assessment. Timescales remain the same.

FurryCat1978 · 04/02/2020 18:59

Thank you very much FeckTheBoss(😂 love the name!) that’s an enormous help!!!

OP posts:
Haveasay · 04/02/2020 22:57

But if you move over the summer when schools are closed they will have 15 days at the beginning of term to respond to a consultation. This means your daughter may not be able to start immediately in the September tem. Depending on what support is in the plan any school may need time to recruit, LSA support, for example as they won't have known about it before the summer break.

Ellie56 · 07/02/2020 20:03
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