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Prelingual, glue ear 3yr old

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HeatherMum91 · 15/01/2020 08:10

Hi everyone.
Just wanted to see anyone has had a similar experience or has any wise words for me.
My 3 yr son currently has no language, and recently found out he has double glue ear. (He has us all fooled as he responds, and will do simple tasks when gestures are involved)
We are fortunate to get help to go private for a set of grommets, because unfortunately the nhs wait time is so long, and with starting to look at school soon, it's just all so scary.
He has an assessment in a few weeks, but apart from the speech delay, it was so hard filling out all the forms. His nursery are not concerned about him socially and emotionally. And we arent either. when i was informed about glue ear, it is him! Hit the nail on the head!
But the idea of grommets is scary, but exciting. But I'm worried I may be putting all my eggs in one basket. So many questions, will the grommets work?
Will he always be behind?
How long until he will talk? Will he ever talk? (He makes so much noise, just no words)
Does anyone have experience of this?
I feel so lost, and like I'm in a different place to all my mum friends.

OP posts:
yellowallpaper · 15/01/2020 12:06

DS2 is 6 and has had similar issues. He has had his adenoids out and grommets for glue ears. His speech was very slow to become clear and even now it's clear he can't hear clearly as he lisps and gets words very mangled. However what he actually says is age appropriate and he makes a huge effort at clarity. I think we just need to wait until his ear canals grow with him. He's never had an ear infection that I know of. He had nhs speech therapy and did really well.

HeatherMum91 · 15/01/2020 12:12

Can I ask why he also had his adenoids out? I understand it's all connected. And when I hear glue ear is present, somewhere along the line adenoids is spoken about. But it's all so new to me!

OP posts:
yellowallpaper · 15/01/2020 19:57

They decided to take out the adenoids when he was under anaesthetic (they did ask us first 😀). The surgeon mentioned it and said she thought he didn't need anything doing, but was amazed at the size of his adenoids and the huge gloopy mess in his ears! So he clearly did need sorting out. He was fine within hours, and didn't even cry when he came round .... he is an exceptionally good child though ❤️

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