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(Part) funding a 1:1

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ghislaine · 08/11/2019 10:42

I'm a relative newbie to this part of MN, so please redirect me if I'm in the wrong place.

DS (7) has a diagnosis of ADHD and anxiety. We've recently moved him to a new school for Y3 and have hit a few bumps in the road. They don't seem to have taken on board that he's disabled rather than naughty, despite all the documentation he came with. He can lash out and tantrum when he's upset or provoked, which they've responded to with internal exclusions (which of course, stigmatise him and increase his isolation from his peer group).

He doesn't have an ECHP, and we were advised by his previous school and the LA Ed Pysch he'd be unlikely to get one, as he functions well most of the time when he's not triggered. He does take ADHD meds, but we are still in the process of getting the dose right. My husband and I were wondering if anyone has looked into the option of paying for a 1:1 themselves - I know this is but a sticking plaster and removes some of the responsibility from the school/LA but we can definitely afford something, and I think it would help in the short term. Has anyone tried this? Is it even possible?

OP posts:
MapLand · 09/11/2019 20:41

Watching with interest. We don't sadly have resources to fund this ourselves but I'd definitely do it if we did.

Fearfulfantasia · 10/11/2019 13:59

My son does have an EHCP and is therefore funded by the LA but at a specialist school where some children are funded but some children who don’t have an EHCP are paid for by their parents or with the assistance of bursaries etc (an independent school) The basic school fees at £7k per term and the additional 1:1 LSA is £6k a term on top of that! We definitely couldn’t afford it, so the EHCP is the holy grail! You might want to research an independent school thiugh if you’re finances allow, as sometimes the small classes and more understanding setting would be enough without the 1:1 anyway. Unless it’s an independent/private school I doubt you’d have the option to pay for someone in a state mainstream anyway.

ghislaine · 10/11/2019 14:34

Sadly my son was permanently excluded from the private school with small classes and a purportedly nurturing and caring environment for reasons related to his ADHD. The experience badly affected his self esteem and in the view of CAMHS, contributed to his anxiety disorder. Can’t say I’m keen to revisit the independent sector in a hurry!

If he’s unlikely to get an EHCP, is there no way to get any 1:1 support? We could afford £18k p/a. Is that for a full time role?

OP posts:
Ellie56 · 18/11/2019 00:06

It is not for schools or EPs to say whether or not your child will get an EHCP or not. Angry And it certainly doesn't sound as if this school is meeting his needs adequately, otherwise he wouldn't be having meltdowns and lashing out.

The legal criteria for getting an EHC Needs assessment is actually very low.

If a local authority (“LA”) is requested to carry out an EHC needs assessment by a parent, young person, school or college, they must consider:

whether the child or young person has or may have special educational needs (“SEN”); and
whether they may need special educational provision to be made through an EHC plan.

If the answer to both of these questions is yes, they must carry out an EHC needs assessment.

This test is set out in the law (section 36(8) of the Children and Families Act 2014). This means these are the only questions the LA should be asking when considering whether or not to carry out an EHC needs assessment.

I think before you start paying out for 1:1 you should be looking at applying for an EHC Needs assessment yourself. Information here:

Be aware though that many LAs turn down the initial request then back down on appeal.

Have you looked at other schools OP? To honest the current one doesn't sound great.

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