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Does anyone else fear this time of year

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Stressedmummyof4 · 03/11/2019 11:21

So the Christmas adverts have started, chitter chatter regarding decorations. Schools requesting for Christmas fayre everyone excited!

Not me, I just know the next few months are going to be such a battle for my poor ds. He is autistic and this becomes a nightmare for him. All structure at school more or less disappears as they all start practicing for Christmas shows and sing alongs. Bright lights loads of noise I feel the pit of my tummy going already.

And at the same time my other kids building with excitement whilst we try to keep things 'normal' at home without taking the joy away for them. It's such a battle! We do no decorating until the 23rd so after all the stimulation he has somewhere to come home too that's not all singing dancing. I feel so sorry for them all, for him not being able to cope and how much he's struggling and for his siblings because they miss some of the fun because we try to keep the house normal.

Sorry for moaning Smile

OP posts:
Sorcs · 03/11/2019 20:22

I know exactly how you feel. I can’t stand Christmas and I hate it even more when I see my autistic DS really struggle with all the changes.

I was even annoyed this week because of Halloween and everything that goes along with that, it was bad enough that he was out if his routine with being off school!

It’s very hard for them all I’d say, god love them🙁

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