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Ed Pysch recommendation - pref East Mids area

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heaveho · 18/10/2019 16:06

Hello, does anyone have an EP they can recommend please?

My friend is new to the area, desperate for a comprehensive report & time is of the essence.

She is privately funding an independent SS atm with a tribunal ruling from another county stating a MS school - which is crazy.

I'm sure they would travel a resonance distance from Notts if required.


OP posts:
pumpingRSI · 08/11/2019 23:21

We got a recommendation for Sophia Mooncey who is a paediatrician who could do a private assessment. So not quite Ed Psych but may be worth a shot?

everythingthelighttouches · 26/12/2019 23:11

Paul Bingham, near kettering

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