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SEN mums in Bristol willing to network: whose kids are on the Autism spectrum

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Soumia · 30/09/2019 21:28

Hello mums Flowers

I am.looking for mums whose kids are on the ASD and are willing and share experience.

It is hard to stay home with autistic kuds...they need to be out...duscovering...and exploring a lot to use their energy as to work on their strengths/weaknesses

Wether you have an autistic child or more, please join this thread and share your experience of the places you could go to with your autistic son/daughter...

I am looking for awimming clsses for my son...any advice plz?

For fun..leisure..
I have tried the following

Brustol zoo
Forest school
Big Jump cribbs causeway...

Please share ur experience

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Soumia · 01/10/2019 00:14

Any mums from.Bristol on this forum? Flowers

Brew Cake

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Soumia · 03/10/2019 07:36
OP posts:
Soumia · 09/10/2019 06:09

No mums :(

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