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So scared I need advice

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rubyandbrody · 16/09/2019 13:24

Hi this is my first post I'm just hoping for some advice. My ds is just about to turn 2 and I think he might be autistic. He was late walking at 17 months but I wasn't overly worried about that but this year I realised he wasn't responding to his name, doesn't talk not any words just random jargon which isn't directed at anyone. He doesn't understand what we say to him either doesn't even acknowledge us talking. He is still on formula and purée as won't eat anything else apart from toast and wotsits. He doesn't point or wave. He has just started coming and grabbing my leg if he wants something but doesn't show me what he wants yet. He spends most of his time awake just running backwards and forwards people can't believe how much he runs. The list goes on. I went to a speech and language drop in and the lady agreed and witnessed some of his behaviours and referred him to bexley portage and an autistic speech and language therapist which I'm awaiting to hear from both. Iv got a specialist good work shop to go to in October. I guess I'm just looking for advice on things I can try to help his speech at home while I go through this super long process. It's really starting to get me down wondering how his life may be affected and it breaks my heart not to hear him talk to me. I know his still young and I pray to god I can give him all the help he needs to grow but I'm just clueless where to start as he doesn't understand. I think my biggest question/fear is will he be able to live a normal life as google just seems to put the fear of god into you. Thank you for reading. Il also add I have a dd who is 11 with ADHD and autistic traits x

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openupmyeagereyes · 17/09/2019 06:24

It’s great that you have some professional help lined up. In the mean time there are several things you can do.

YouTube is a great resource. There are channels such as Walkie Talkie speech therapy. She has a lot of older videos about autism and ideas for your own speech therapy sessions with videos of her working with children. Chirp is also a speech therapist with very informative videos. There are also channels such as Nurturing Neurodiversity and Vincentville who have young boys on the spectrum and have posted videos before and during the diagnostic process - are they/aren’t they type videos. They are very positive channels with lots of information too.

There are a couple of books you may find useful called An early start for your child with autism - using every day activities to help kids connect, communicate and learn and Hanen’s More than words which is about communication and used by many speech therapy programmes around the world I think.

I know it’s hard but try not to worry too much, at least not to the detriment of today Flowers

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