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Assessment for child in London

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Lizisabela · 12/09/2019 12:23


I would really like some help to have my child assessed. I've spoken to the GP and HV who will make a referral for us however I would prefer to have this done privately to speed up the process.
My son will start school in September.

He had speech delay maybe 20 words at 3 which has improved dramatically in the last 6m especially after getting glasses and patching for astigmatism.

He still struggles with a lot of language however the SALT assessment said he was the bottom of normal so didn't qualify for ongoing help. Since the assessment in the last month he has also started stuttering and stammering considerably.

He has tantrums about 5 times a day or lots more at the weekend when he isn't in nursery. I had to send him there FT even though I would of preferred to keep him at home PT like i did with my eldest child because I felt I was going crazy.

He hits and bites especially his older sister all the time and screams alot too. He seems most settled when in a highly routine based environment and also my sister took us to centre parcs for a break and he was very occupied playing in the water perhaps because of all the sensory input it was the only time we felt we got a break.

He is cuddly and laughs at lots of things but especially loud noises or if someone hurts themselves or falls down. I dont know if he has some kind of anxiety.

His behaviour in nursery is much better. He has some interaction alongside other children but does sometimes bite or hit them. Their opinion is very much that he is just a boy and a bit slow to develop. I feel something is not quite right.

He deals poorly with transistions, the hiting biting and tantrums seem dispproportionate to the average 3 and a half year old and he is constantly thrives of high sensory input activities. Swings water play etc.

I'm scared of him starting school next year and how he will cope and want to have an assessments in place so he is able to have support in place if he needs it.

Not sure where to start though.

We are based in north central london

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Legoroses · 13/09/2019 03:51

Private nursery or sure start centre?
Will he be going to state school?

There's no harm in starting the NHS process for diagnosis. School will know that the diagnosis is coming up and should offer appropriate support regardless if they are any good. (if they are not, diagnosis probably won't help anyway)

If you are in North Central London I recommend Centre 404 - excellent parent forum and some support services.

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