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Can you recommend any SALT who is Pro ABA

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Soumia · 11/08/2019 15:37

Dear mums

My son EHCP need to include SALT therapist as well as OT and Educational.Psychologist..

Can any obe recommend any SALT who is Pro ABA

Otherwise any SALT who has experience with Talk.tool/PROMPT


OP posts:
drspouse · 15/08/2019 11:32

You'll need one in your area, if it's to be provided through EHCP obviously.
But ABA does not have much of an evidence base behind it, so you'll struggle I'd think.

Sausagepickle123 · 18/08/2019 15:06

There are a couple of SaLTs who are also BCBAs I think that you might be able to track down (can’t remember names sorry!). In London, would recommend The Children’s Place who are mainly SaLT but also have in house BCBA. Depends on your child’s needs etc but ABA consultant should be able to include the SaLT targets into ABA programme (ours does with NHS SaLT targets as SaLT package is consultative).

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