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CamdenTownie · 10/08/2019 17:05

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to leave a recommendation for these Sunflower Lanyards I got from when travelling with someone with additional needs it's really helpful to have extra assistance etc my son has additional needs, although you wouldn't think so if you saw him and this is what the scheme is about. Not all disabilities are visible. And it just makes people aware.

Lots of places are taking part in the scheme - we first used it at the airport and found the extra support invaluable. But it's also being used in supermarkets and train stations across the country, you can pick up a lanyard( that's what my son preferred) at the airport or get one in advance from the website above for 55p.

We will be travelling again soon, by train this time and I'm Already feeling less worried because I know that help will be there if he needs it.

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