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Girl (8) Autism - EHCP, what provisions and support have helped at school?

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Blossom4538 · 21/06/2019 10:23

Morning all!

Our Daughter is 8 and we are in the process of applying for an EHCP, along with the school. Dd has High Functioning Autism and everything that goes along with that, including sensory issues, particularly noise, anxiety and Selective Mutism. She speaks to few.

What have you found has helped your children, mostly thinking about wellbeing and mental health, being able to cope with school and secondly, academically.

We are considering whether a reduced week would help a little? Some 1-1 possibly. She also works in small groups.

We really want to help her as she does so well, but it takes its toll and we of course have the meltdowns and aggression at home. She struggles with changes at school (of which there are lots at the minute) and it’s sometimes very hard to get her into school.

I know all children are different, just wondering what has helped your children?

Thank you x

OP posts:
openupmyeagereyes · 22/06/2019 09:32

My ds(5) is younger than your dd. 1:1 support is the thing that’s helped him most but next to that it’s probably having an area just for him, right outside the classroom, where he can go when the classroom is overwhelming for him. It has a little table and chair, a beanbag, blanket and shelves of things that he likes or that are to help develop fine motor skills etc.

We chose the school with his needs in mind as we got a diagnosis before he started. It’s a small, nurturing school outside of our catchment area. They are very inclusive and it really helps having a team around him who understand his needs and who are very accommodating to them. Some examples of this: he starts his lunch in the dining room but when it gets too busy he finishes it in his classroom, he doesn’t have to attend the music assembly as he finds it too much, he is not forced to participate in anything though he is encouraged to.

Blossom4538 · 22/06/2019 18:09

Fab, thank you. We are doing those things and school are great. No 1-1 currently, but working in small groups outside of classroom x

OP posts:
ruralliving19 · 01/07/2019 14:04

I used to work as an SEN Officer, i.e. writing and monitoring EHCPs and statements before there were EHCPs. The kind of thing we'd be suggesting for a child with the kind of needs you describe would be:

  • a keyworker who initially checks in with her several times a day and eventually works towards her coming when she needs support. Keyworker to help 'translate' confusing situations and provide pastoral support.
  • mindfulness sessions
  • a safe place to go to when distressed that is not associated with punishment
  • transition planning for every change of year
  • reminder cards to help promote independent working
  • being able to come in to school via a quieter entrance and go somewhere quiet first thing
  • her own workstation somewhere with an easy escape route

Hope some of those might help. My own DD is undergoing assessment for ASD but she has a different presentation and wouldn't qualify for an EHCP.
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