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Orthotics fallen apart AGAIN!!

11 replies

slightlymad · 07/09/2004 15:59

Well - I posted on another thread this morning about DS still having trouble with his piedro boots....well - after 2 afternoons at 'big school' all the front has come off AGAIN - just like the old pair!
His support assistant has been watching him at playtime and said that his foot is turning and 'catching' the floor all the time - and with charging round in the 'big' playground with his sister - it's pulled the 'special' front off - the 'special' front that was put on to stop the rest of the sole coming off again like last time!!!
I've phoned orthotics for the 2nd time today and they are going to 'try' and get him in for this week (Bet they dont)
It really sounds as though these boots aren't doing as much as they should be doesn't it!

OP posts:
Blu · 07/09/2004 16:29

Is it the boots or the adjusments and alterations the orthotics dept have made that are falling apart? It sounds really c**p, doesn't it? Is there another orthotics dept you can see? We get a choice between the service based at Kings, and another service based at a Child Community Health centre. Is there anywhere you could transfer or get a 2nd opinion?
Can't say anything really except to agree with you that is sounds as if it needs sorting our=t properley - and quickly!
if you can't get any joy re a new appointment, would your consultant hassle them?

luckymum · 22/09/2004 09:19

Dd's school shoes have fallen apart - the raise has come away from the sole - she's worn them for a whole 12 days.

slightlymad · 22/09/2004 09:52

Oh noooo!!!!! And you waited so long!
Have you got an appointment to get them sorted out?
Isn't it c**p.

I tood DS back to orthotics last week - as he's still 'rolling' even when in his boots - they said there was nothing they could do about that and keep him in the boots he has. I asked for stiffer boots as he has the 'standard' ones - and they said he couldn't have them as they will be 'too restrictive to his movement'!
We go back in 3 months. He's hoping he will have started to 'self-correct' his ankle rool just by boot wearing by then!

OP posts:
slightlymad · 22/09/2004 09:54

'scuse the poor spelling in previous message!! LOL!!

OP posts:
Blu · 22/09/2004 12:41

Slightlymad - I don't know if this is appropriate, but does he see a physio as well? There may be excercises that help him develop strength and support to help prevent rolling.

Please all keep you fingers crossed for me: I invoked the Head of Therapy Services, and am suposedly picking up new boots for DS tomorrow!

luckymum · 22/09/2004 12:42

I've taken them to my dad (he's a Jack of all trades my dad) and he's glued them back together -if I take them to orthotics I might not see them for 3 weeks lol! You gotta laugh.........

Blu · 22/09/2004 12:44

Good thinking, Luckymum! Might transfer DS's orthotics to your dad....

luckymum · 22/09/2004 13:12

He couldn't do any worse could he Blu?

Blu · 22/09/2004 13:21
slightlymad · 22/09/2004 16:06

Oh Blu!!!
I've got EVERYTHING crossed here for you!
It MUST go right for you tomorrow.

DS 'did' see a physio - and she referred him for the boots but discharged him from her care???
I was thinking about that myself actually - maybe I should give them a call?

OP posts:
Blu · 22/09/2004 16:18

yeah - try that and explain you are still concerned about the rolling in.

I'll let you all know how I get on tomorrow afternoon!

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