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I have just waved my baby off on the bus

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fio2 · 03/09/2004 08:22

and she has gone off to school Smile I explained to her the bus was coming and she was going to school (using makaton aswell) and she kept signing bus and school and looking out the window waiting for it to come. Then when it came she was laughing and got on the bus with the escort (and all the other children) and she sat by the window waving to me and ds. Then she blew me a kiss. Awww my heart has just melted.

She is such a brave little thing! Grin makes all the other stuff worthwhile

What a soppy post, just wanted to share Smile

OP posts:
fio2 · 03/09/2004 08:25

oops didnt mean to post twice Grin

how did that happen?

OP posts:
Fairyfly · 03/09/2004 08:27

How gorgeous is that story! You should be so proud of yourself, celebrate tonight, well done fio, lovely mother x

anorak · 03/09/2004 08:30

fio are you Forrest Gump?

fio2 · 03/09/2004 08:38

what do you mean am I forest gump?

OP posts:
anorak · 03/09/2004 08:42

Have you not seen the film where his mum waves him off on the school bus when he is little, and then he does the same for his own son many years later?

Papillon · 03/09/2004 08:42

i got stuck on the other bus!

sure u saw my message though fio2 - she will come home with lots to tell!

fio2 · 03/09/2004 08:42

oh yes, i remember now Grin my daughter is a bit like forest gump actually Wink she has a heart of gold

OP posts:
anorak · 03/09/2004 08:44

Sorry fio, I didn't mean to sound mocking, that was a lovely poignant moment in the film, and I was just trying to make a little joke.

I do agree with ff, it was a gorgeous moment to share and a lovely happy memory to keep for years to come. First day at school is a milestone.

fio2 · 03/09/2004 08:53

I know you are noit mocking, dont worry Smile

OP posts:
chonky · 03/09/2004 09:12

Awww - Fio2, that's lovely. I bet you feel dead proud.

agy · 03/09/2004 09:20

Hope she has a lovely day Fio. I'm sure she will!

JanH · 03/09/2004 09:20

fio, that is such a nice post - she sounds so sweet, and so do you! - hope she and you have a lovely day

Angeliz · 03/09/2004 09:27

AAHH, bless
Hope she enjoys it and you are o.k.
BIG hugs tonight then

lou33 · 03/09/2004 09:42

Awww Fio, you must be v proud . Any tears shed?

Dd2 just started her first day at junior school today as well.

Dingle · 03/09/2004 09:50 have quite choked me up..yes, a soppy post, but a lovely one.
It's important to read all the advice, and to share all the bad, but it is much more heart warming to hear a post like this.

blossomhill · 03/09/2004 09:51

Bless her little heart
That is so sweet!!!!!

coppertop · 03/09/2004 09:54

Awww bless her!

heartinthecountry · 03/09/2004 09:55

Fio2 - I am at work this morning and have just had to bite my bottom lip really hard to stop it wobbling... if I was at home I would be lovely .

whymummy · 03/09/2004 09:59

that's lovely fio
i'm sure she'll have a great day
wm xx

Caroline5 · 03/09/2004 10:19

aww fio that is lovely, I'm blubbing here too! Hope she has a lovely day

suzywong · 03/09/2004 12:32

OH you big softy Fio2

What a sweet little petal she sounds, hope she comes home with lots to tell you.

Nice to have some time with DS though I expect. ( I had a day wiht my baby boy today and it was good, just me and him without my attention being divided, I mean, not that your DD is a pita or anything IYKWIM)

maddiemo · 03/09/2004 12:57

Glad the transport got sorted ok Fio2.

I bet you can't wait to see the her.


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fio2 · 03/09/2004 18:00

All the staff have fell in love with her apprently Smile

She did really well. She understood everything that was asked her, she co-operated, she joined in with circle time, she communicated well, she ate all her school dinner and has 2 puddings (!!greedy piglet) and it was an apparently great day. She seems to have knicked the space of the front of the bus next to the escort Grin I think she must be the 'baby' on the bus!

She is a very happy bunny but looks really tired now!

I on the other hand cried twice before the bus came and worried that much I gave myself a migraine! Luckily ds agreed to have an afternoon with me Grin oh the joys of having one child at home

OP posts:
fio2 · 03/09/2004 18:02

ds had an afternoon nap with me! I mean Blush

OP posts:
Hulababy · 03/09/2004 18:02

Fantastic; glad she had a great day

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