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How to deal with "it wasn't me"?

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tallulah · 29/08/2004 16:09

After a week in which nobody ate all the cheese & put the empty wrappers back in the fridge & nobody ate all the cakes & put the empty wrappers back in the cupboard; nobody left mugs all over the floor in the living room & nobody did something to the computer so it wouldn't connect; I've just got home fom the supermarket having left DS1 (16) & DS2 (ADHD 14- going on 4) for an hour or so & found the poor cat locked in a pet carrier under the stairs. Nobody put her in there. Presumably she got in by herself then put the wire front on & clipped it shut from the outside? Perhaps one of the other cats locked her in?

It's obvious who is telling lies, but why? I've shouted & ranted & just get the sulky shoulders & the "wasn't me" & "whatever" routine.

How should I handle this?

DH says the medication obviously isn't strong enough & I need to go back to the doc. Trouble is we put everything down to the ADHD when it could just be normal naughtiness.

Any ideas?

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carla · 29/08/2004 16:35

Big, big hugs to you. Don't know what to say, but someone here will. Lots of love {[love icon]

tigermoth · 30/08/2004 08:00

Sounds really stressful for you. Don't know what to say - does ds1 back up ds2 on this? are they both doing these things?

tallulah · 30/08/2004 11:01

DS1 may be doing the sneaky eating, but wouldn't dream of locking up the cat. They don't spend much time together (sit in their own rooms doing whatever teenage boys do) so he says he didn't see the cat in there & I believe him over the other one.

It just seems such an odd thing to do, & then lie about. (& in the back of my mind all the time is that study that found that serial killers tended to have started with being cruel to animals as children....)

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tigermoth · 30/08/2004 11:21

oh gosh talluluh, that's not a good thought to have. It know that's a very, very worst case scenario - please don't get too upset. Is it worth going to the doc and making a big thing of the cat issue, do you think? It is a different league to raiding the fridge, I agree. I hope some mumsnetters with more experience of this see your message.

Twiglett · 30/08/2004 11:25

message withdrawn

tallulah · 30/08/2004 21:57

Perhaps I'm over-reacting? I'm just fed up with the lying. Why do something & they say you didn't? What does he think I'm going to do to him? It's difficult to think of a way to get through to him (esp now he's almost a head taller than me & wider!)

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