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Hey you get offa my cloud.... TC has landed!

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Thomcat · 16/08/2004 23:10

What a day, what a day!

Before I go any further I want to big up Esbee and tell you all how proud I am to have met her. Thanks for getting roped into it Esbee, Hope you're with me again next year!

Girls, it was AMAZING! Absolutley terrifyingly awful for the first ... 5 seconds or so. It may sound dumb but I wasn't prepared to feel that utter terror as I dropped like a boulder at 12,000 feet. I went totally upside down, head first, feet over my head and there really are no words for that initial feeling. Really, just nothing will EVER compare.

But then, suddenly, while travelling at 120mph I felt incredible peace, totally serenity. It was bizarre, 2 such extreme feelings. But I kid you not, it was amazing, an out of body experience.

Then I got a bit worried agian as the words "hyperventilate" popped into my head, then calm again, then the parachute opened and well..... I basically floated down to earth.

My bf was the best as she was crying and shaking all over with fright but still jumped. No words will ever be enough to tell her what I feel about her. She was simply the best and was the bravest of us all.I

I have a DVD and loads of pics so will work out, or will be told by one of you (!) how to show them to you.

Now the really important bit -

Thanks to you all and your kindness and generosity I raised over £3,500!!!! All together we have well over £8k for the DSA. A great feeling, I'm over the moon, THANKYOU EVERYONE.

I'll be back to you all with pics as proof and more thanks.

BIG, BIG love and MASSIVE respect to you all.
Esbee, for jumping and helping to raise such a fantastic amount.
Dingle for making the effort to come down and show her support, so kind.
And for all of you that took the time and went to the trouble to sponsor me and/or Esbee, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.

TC xx

OP posts:
coppertop · 16/08/2004 23:32

And a HUGE "Well Done!" to you and Essbee, TC. You're a million times braver than me!

lavender1 · 16/08/2004 23:37

wiping away the tears "Well Done" you're both so brave and I am so happy that it all went well for you...thanks for sharing this obviously moving yet scarey experience with us (when can talk dh into it being safe will be alongside you next year)xxx

lou33 · 16/08/2004 23:42

I am speechless with admiration for you all, really

SoupDragon · 17/08/2004 07:58

Hmmm... next year eh? Mr Dragon mentioned in passing that he'd like to have a go some time

Female Dragons don't fly...

SoupDragon · 17/08/2004 07:58

Forgot to add my congratulations! Having seen Essbees DVD, you're mad!

tigermoth · 17/08/2004 08:00

you are all so brave! well done!!!!

Azure · 17/08/2004 08:27

Well done Thomcat and Essbee!

Fio2 · 17/08/2004 08:29

Grin brill TC, and WOW at the amount raised, well done!

Tetley · 17/08/2004 09:22

What a fantastic amount of money you've all raised - WELL DONE!!!!!

I'm so glad you enjoyed it too - how brave you all are

anorak · 17/08/2004 09:30

Brilliant Thomcat! And Essbee of course! .

Glad you survived the experience! Did you get my email about Thursday? Can you come?

Twiglett · 17/08/2004 09:34

message withdrawn

wobblyknicks · 17/08/2004 09:36

Well done TC!!! You are incredibly brave!!!

aloha · 17/08/2004 10:14

Fantastic news! Well done TC and Essbee - you are both so incredibly brave, I really don't know how you did it. And what a stunning total. You are amazing, both of you.

Tinker · 17/08/2004 10:33

Wow, well done TC and Essbee. Brave, brave women

CountessDracula · 17/08/2004 10:56

WELL DONE BOTH OF YOU!!! What an experience.

I don't know now whether I sponsored you or not tc, could you check as I would like to if I forgot!

Blu · 17/08/2004 11:26

That's so fantastic. The experience will last throughout your!
(didn't get my act together to sponsor you, but will e mail you about sending a cheque)

Piffleoffagus · 17/08/2004 11:28

what amazing people you are!!!
Well done what a fab effort ladies!

Caroline5 · 17/08/2004 21:51

Amazing - huge well dones to both of you!!

chonky · 18/08/2004 09:12

Well done to Thomcat & Essbee - you are both HUGELY brave! You've inspired me to get my backside (large) into gear & try & raise some money.

Eulalia · 18/08/2004 10:28

What a fantastic description - almost makes me want to do it - NOT! Well done to both of you

eidsvold · 18/08/2004 23:27

well done both of you

JanH · 18/08/2004 23:38

Have congratted essbee already, more congrats to you TC, you and essbee (and all the others who did it) are just FAB!


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essbee · 19/08/2004 00:26

Message withdrawn

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