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SN children

She almost crawled!!!!!

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Thomcat · 19/07/2004 23:30

Nearly forgot to share this with you. So she's been doing kneeling for a while now, thinks it's really funny and is SO pleased with herself. When she decides to move off though she'll throw herself down and go into a mad belly crawl, looks a bit like a lizard!!!! Tonight though she properly on all fours and she moved forward, probably about 6 inches or so and it toook 3 or so movements but she did it! When i saw how shaky her little arms were and I realised how much effort it took her it made my heart want to break out of my chest, dykwim? The sheer effort of that movement, one that so many people take for granted, and the look on her face when we all cheered was just amazing. Pure gold. It was one of those moments where i felt honoured to be a mother of a SN child. bloody hell, how's it going to be when she takes her first steps man?! I'll have to declare a public holiday and take the week off work to celebrate. Ohh, might have to go straight to bed and fall asllep thinking about how wonderful that's going to feel.
It really is the small things like this that make everything so worthwhile.

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wobblyknicks · 19/07/2004 23:31

awww, really REALLY pleased for you tc!!! That is wonderful, has really brought a smile to my face - you must be sooo proud!!!

lou33 · 19/07/2004 23:34

Brilliant TC

Beetroot · 19/07/2004 23:37

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

emsiewill · 19/07/2004 23:38

That's lovely.

hoxtonchick · 19/07/2004 23:43

well done Lottie

nikcola · 20/07/2004 00:07

well done xxxxxxxxx

eidsvold · 20/07/2004 01:40

brilliant news ....

SoupDragon · 20/07/2004 07:34
coppertop · 20/07/2004 08:05

Go Lottie!

She'll be taking off across the floor in no time. Well done, Lottie.

Fio2 · 20/07/2004 09:19

awwwwww well done little LottieSmileSmileSmileSmileSmile

Piffleoffagus · 20/07/2004 09:28

Awww bless her TC
Smiles all round, this has been such a good week for good news!

muddaofsuburbia · 20/07/2004 09:30

Congrats to Lottie!! Will we see you both on Friday lunchtime?

Eulalia · 20/07/2004 09:42

How lovely

Thomcat · 20/07/2004 09:48

Thanks girls
Can't wait for her to do it again now. She's a bit under the weather today though so not sure she'll be up for performaing seal acts!!

Mudda - yes mate, see you Friday

Beets - not sure babes, I would massively love to be there and have the crack with you all, but a) D not up for it so not sure how i'd get to you b) if i'm around - we've got August on hold for a holiday.
I would like to think I could come for the day???? Just not sure if it's workable as I wouldn't drive and it would be the train from london and back. It would be such a shame to miss out though. ohhh what to do????!!!!

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