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Yeh - finally.....

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eidsvold · 17/07/2004 14:16

got a call today from disability services ( over here they organise all the therapy and family support rather than NHS) next Tuesday we are having a SALT and a physio coming to visit dd and me.... FINALLY!!

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Thomcat · 17/07/2004 14:17


Fio2 · 17/07/2004 14:26

lucky you eidsvold!Smile

mmmmm maybe we all should move to australia Wink

eidsvold · 18/07/2004 02:01

just a thought Fio

we are lucky - the development centre near us is brilliant - so we have been told and speech thereapy can be assigned through disability services or the health department... so if we were unable to get a speech therapist through Disability services we would have been able to go the health route...

on a minus - we have all of dd's medical referrals done - hearing, eyes, heart and we are on a waiting list for an ENT specialist and just have to wait until they can find us an appointment.

But i am so happy she is getting speech therapy and we will have more directed ideas for also helping develop her speech that I can put up with the waiting list.

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