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Just fed up!

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Fio2 · 04/07/2004 12:46

Of Kent C.C. Transport services. Firstly they tell me I cant get transport to take dd to the specialist nursery 2 sessions a week. Then I argue the toss with them. Transport is sorted but takes 2 weeks to materialise. Then they havent told taxi firm that dd needs an escort (she is 4 FFS! of course she needs an escort) I offer to be escort temporarily until an escort is sorted out. About 3 weeks later it is sorted. Now it is not sorted, so I have to be the escort again. GGGGGRrrrrrrrrrrrr

And they STILL havent sorted her transport out for september. It is too early apparently. They need a rocket up their a**e Angry Sad

I am just getting so fed up of everything

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Thomcat · 04/07/2004 12:57

Does swimming backwards uphill sound familiar?!!

Sorry mate, it's all such a pain sometimes isn't it, boring, boring, phonecall after phonecall and then you just have to start agian.

I've asked the disability allowance people to send me a form 4 times now. you wait a week, still no sign so have to go throught the whole process of trying to get through on a constantly engaged line only to finally get through and the woman who eventually picks up then cuts you off! I've been a month asking for a certificate of entitlement to be sent out for the blue parking badge people.

Sorry, had a rant there but just meant to sympathise.

Fio2 · 04/07/2004 13:07

rant away. Its just crap isnt it? Angry

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Thomcat · 04/07/2004 13:10

Crap, annoying, disheartening, boring, soul destroying, tiring, upsetting, yep ALL those things!! Gonna end this with a smile though so you know the bastards haven't totally ground me down, what do you say Fio, fancy sharing a smile

Fio2 · 04/07/2004 13:13

Smile thats one of my favourite saying 'dont let the B@st@rds (or barstools) get you down'

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Jimjams · 04/07/2004 13:25

or SS. F*ers. Not having a good day today.

Davros · 04/07/2004 14:26

Fio2, they may say its too early to sort transport for Sept but beware, they won't do anything much over the summer holidays so if it isn't sorted before then, it may not be OK come Sept....

Fio2 · 04/07/2004 14:43

this is what I am worrying about davros. I know this trick all too well Angry

Jimjams what have SS done/not done now?

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Jimjams · 04/07/2004 15:05

Write to them copied to your MP and councillors and say that you will be very upset if their inability to organise a piss up in a brewery means that your dd cannot go to nursery in September. I had to do that with the LEA wrt funding travel expenses for ds1's nursery helper when he started school. I got shouted at by the head of pre-school services in a rather incoherent manner. (She had told nursery they had to wait until the statementing resources panel meeting to decide whether they would be paying the 1.50 a day- that meeting wasn't until after the start of school term so I emailed and said I would not be amused if his start at school was cocked up by them as he couldn't go in without his nursery worker- and they had known about it for 4 months). Anyway stupid woman was shouting "I am authorising payment" Oh well good- but you weren't before. Anyway have my line ready for next time I get shouted at "I'm not shouting nat you so would you mind not shouting at me".

SS haven't done anything Fio. Except write this morning telling me they wouldn't give my son a playscheme place as they were prioritising children who had "no or little respite." We don't have any.

Fio2 · 04/07/2004 15:08

thats crap jimjams Sad

she starts school in september jimjams. I am just going to ring the school and make sure they know the transport hasnt been sorted. I am sure they wont be happy if half their students dont turn up because transport hasnt been sorted. (its a special school btw!)_

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Caroline5 · 05/07/2004 01:00

That is so rubbish fio. No one ever seems to give a s**t. Hope your transport gets sorted soon (strained ). You and your dd deserve it.

maddiemo · 05/07/2004 15:38

Fio2 Do make sure you get all the details confirmed in writing before the end of term. My friend's dd was at school for a term before the transport was sorted, apparently her papers got lost in the system.
Will dd be going on a school bus or taxi?

Fio2 · 05/07/2004 18:25

not sure maddiemo. I know the school has 2 minibuses and whoever is not on the school bus has to go by taxi. DD's new teacher is coming round on wednesday so i will ask her whats being sorted and get in touch with passenger services

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