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MMR BOOSTER what should i do ?????

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bubble78 · 12/01/2007 15:01

i know its probably been asked a thousand times but my ds age nearly four has asd no speech at all and little understanding i just wanted to know does any body think the booster can make things worse if there is a link to mmr ??

he has just been called to go for his on the 2nd febuary and i really dont know what to do??

sorry to babble on but needed to ask someone and this is the best place to get good honest fast answers

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amyclaire85 · 12/01/2007 15:21

I don't know the full details about it but I won't be letting ds have it. I think someone said previously that it is only in case they weren't covered against mmr last time. Think I will take the chance.
Anyway.... I would like to see them even try and get a needle anywhere near ds! There is no way he would willingly have it done unless he was pinned down on the floor!

bubble78 · 13/01/2007 10:53

bump sorry to be a pain

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foundintranslation · 13/01/2007 11:04

The MMR 'booster' is not technically a booster, it's to cover those who were for whatever reason not protected the first time. (My very pro-vax paed confirmed this to me). ds (20 months, NT) had the MMR with some misgivings on my side but no problems, but will not be having the 'booster' - possibly single measles and/or mumps a little later.
Particularly if you suspect the MMR of having a hand in your ds's problems, I would be cautious.

bubble78 · 14/01/2007 14:33

what about the injection for diptherea polio and tetenus as he is called for this on same day as mmr aswell not heard of anything against that injection though has anyone else?

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bubble78 · 16/01/2007 10:15

bump again sorry

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Troutpout · 16/01/2007 14:08

ds (9) had the first mmr when he was 13 months..he had a bad reaction about 10 days later...and when he was called for the booster i went to the appointment but he didn't have it.
dd (4) had the first mmr..didn't react badly ...but she still won't be having the booster when she is called in the next few months.
ds just had the diptheria, tetnus and polio
and i shall do the same with dd

2mum · 16/01/2007 23:10

Ill be in your position later this year too Bubble. I dont know what to do myself, does all 4 year old get a DPT booster as well as mmr i cant remember ds1 getting DPT but he probably did, ill have to look in his baby book.

2mum · 16/01/2007 23:15

I just checked my ds1 got his DPT and booster mmr when he was 4.4years old.

bubble78 · 17/01/2007 14:32

thanks all i will not be giving ds his mmr booster as there is blood test he can have to check if he needs it or not then if he does i will decide then maybe seperate injections.. i will take him for the dpt though
thanks again

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