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dd's cousins ignore her what do I do?

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2shoes · 02/01/2007 19:10

title says it all really.
when we saw them on Sunday I noticed yet again that they don't speak to her. uncle always makes a fuss of her. and auntie is good.
but the 3 boys don't even say hello. if nothing else it is rude.
they are 15/13/10 so I have left it a bit late but have only just noticed really.
we don't see them often. and as the are boys and off that age. I don't expect much but a hello how are you would be nice.
I can't speak to bil or sil as they would get defensive. I was thinking a long the lines of.when we next see them saying "dd say hello to XXXX" and so on. Then they will have to say something.
ds did mention it to oldest on msn. but he didn't say anything back.
what would you do. and have you had this happen with family.
Other cousins are older so never had this before.

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2shoes · 02/01/2007 19:11

by the way dd has cp and can't talk but very smiley and friendly.

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anniebear · 02/01/2007 20:07

you would think their parents would tell them to say hello wouldn't you. It is a bit rude, not like they are really small children

I would be most upset if Ellies cousin ignored her

sorry, no help at all!!!!!

2shoes · 02/01/2007 22:40

you answered that helps

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Jimjams2 · 02/01/2007 22:42

Oh that's sad. Could you force them together. I guess they're at an awkward age.

misdee · 02/01/2007 22:43

oooo my kids would get told off for bweing rude.

BUT they have grown up closely with sparklys 3 childrens, so are aware of the differences, fortunatly they are all close i nage and get on well. even if they do get a little bit silly at times

Aloha · 02/01/2007 22:46

Think it is their age rather than your dd's disability. Some boys that age want to be cool. My dh says he became an uncle at around 13 and was totally uninterested. I can see it is hurtful though. Maybe be jolly and say, 'Hi X, Y and Z! Dd is really pleased to see you! Say hi, dd!" Break the ice a bit. Maybe because she doesn't speak, they literally don't know what do say?

2shoes · 02/01/2007 22:51

i think you are right aloha. apart from one they are quite out going. but just not good with girls(oldest likes the older type of course) trouble is their parents always use the excuse of "oh they don't do this" you know if invited to dd's partys.
Just seems very rude to me.
I suppose I am so used to ds. he would never ignore an sn child but then he is "used " to them.iynwim. and If he has freinds home he introduces dd and his freinds soon learn. ignore or be rude at your oen peril

OP posts:
Aloha · 03/01/2007 00:38

Bless him. Your ds sounds lovely. The other boys sound like they are either at the age where girls are soppy and stinky...or at the age where they are all too interesting!

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