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SN children

"in 5 minutes." "4 or 5?" "5." "4 or 5?" "5." "X's turn?" "in 5 minutes." "4 or 5?" "5." "4 or 5?" "5."

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MyTwoCupsOfKindness · 01/01/2007 20:28

mummy (his name) turn now?"
"no. my turn, then your turn in 5 minutes"
"my turn?"
no, my turn, mummys turn. your turn, X's turn in 5 minutes"
"4 or 5?"

ds1 just has to ask and ask and ask! he didnt start talking till about a year and a half ago (hes 7) and i was soooooo happy that his language is coming on, he talks like an average 2-3 year old now and coming on all the time, but this constant questioning ARRGGHH!! he goes on and on and on. i mean i understand the need to clarify but bloody hell my head hurts!

why why why? why ask me a hundred times? who else gets this sort of grilling?!!


OP posts:
TEEstheCEEsontobejolly · 01/01/2007 20:44

I get this:

"Mummy, milk please mummy"
"okay I'll get you you some milk"
"milk milk, milk, milk, milk mummy please, milk, milk, milk, milk, milk, milk"

"Thank you. Mummy toast please mummy, toast, toast please, mummy toast"
"yes, yes ok, i'll make toast, it's coming, toast - OK"
"Toast, toast, toast, toast please, toast toast, toast"

Then she'll ask for Cbeebies or a DVD over and over and over again until I relent or temporarily distract her with something else.

Lovely, but utterly exhausting.

sphil · 01/01/2007 20:57

Oh I know it must be annoying but it's lovely to read! DS2 has started saying his first long phrase this holiday - 'hello, how are you?' So I get
'Hello. How are you?'
'I'm fine thank you DS2'
'Hello. How are you?'
'I'm fine'
'How are you?'
'I'm fine thank you'
'Hello. How are you?' etc etc for as long as I keep replying.

Occasionally he throws in an 'aahh' and gives me a hug so I do think he realises he's saying something social rather than it just being echolaic - he just doesn't have a clue how to develop the conversation. Got a few strange looks in Sainburys yesterday though...

Hopefully he'll be at your DS and DD's stage in a few years

TEEstheCEEsontobejolly · 01/01/2007 21:12

LOL Sphill.

I sort of get that with DD1 as well, only she's not quite got it yet.

I get this loads to - she's obsessed with Charlie and Lola so I get:

"yes Lola"
"hello Charlie"
"Hello Lola"
"Yes Lola"
"Hello Charlie"
"Hello Lola"
"Yes Lola"
"Sizzles Charlie, Sizzles"
"Sizzles is asleep Lola"
"Yes Charlie. Charlie"
"Yes Lola"
"Milk please Cahrlie"

you know the rest!!!!!!!!!

Jimjams2 · 01/01/2007 23:07

wow sphil he's come on! Well done ds. Every new year I wish that this will be the year for speech (ds1 7 now-then promptly get depressed ), but I did say to dh today that if it happened we may end up regretting finding out what he wanted to say.

TeeCee · 01/01/2007 23:13

Oh bless jimjams. People often say to me, 'you'll regret the day she ends up running around, you'll wish she never started'. I know what they mean, but it's just not true is it. Excuse my ignorance - what is the likelehood of him talking?

Jimjams2 · 02/01/2007 08:09

who knows teecee- that's the tricky thing about autism. Generally its said if a child isn't talking by 5 or sometimes 7 it's unlikely they will, but that's not really true of autism- I know of people who didn't talk until 13.

We're starting a program in the New Year- the people running it have been sent a lot of video of him vocalising, and they'll say from that whether they think its worth aiming for speech, or whether, given his range of sounds speech is unlikely. I really have no idea which way they'll go.

He started to imitate very recently- which increases the likelihood of speech (put it this way you're unlikely to get speech without imitation, although you might get imitation without speech).

FioFio · 02/01/2007 08:12

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

sphil · 02/01/2007 16:11

DS2's speech is coming on JJ but it's still in very isolated pockets - he has gone the whole day today without saying anything at all (except 'bikkit' when prompted by PECS). It's so much a matter of motivation with him - I was changing his nappy yesterday and we had the following exchange
DS2: Nice
Me: Nice?
Me: Oh mice. The mice say...?
DS2: Sque sque
Me The dog says?
DS2: Woof
Me:The duck says...?
DS2: Quack

Tried to prompt a similar exchange today and just got a blank look. It's so frustrating - it's like there's a whole vocab locked away.

Hurry up Growing Minds for both of us I say - have you tried any of the expressive language stuff from ABLSS with DS1 at all? I've dabbled a little (even though they told me not to - get a certain amount of prompted labelling from him but he doesn't really use it spontaneously. Goodness knows where 'hello how are you' came from.

Jimjams2 · 02/01/2007 19:25

GM are running behind so don't hold your breath.

Ds1 is away with the fairies at the moment. Probably not helped by lack of sleep- although I've just clocked the full moon which would explain a lot.

That's great though sphil- really good- you know he can do it- bet he'll repsond really well to the GM program.

TeeCee · 02/01/2007 21:16

Just checked back so only just seen this. JJ - ohhhhhhhh fingers and toes crossed they people running this programme give you the news you want and hope the 7 in 2007 is the lucky number 7.

(hope that makes sense, not used to Chardonnay, I'm a Chablis girl!!!!)

sphil · 04/01/2007 18:54

Oh JJ - only just seen this (DH has had laptop grrr). How behind are GM? I'm keen to get our 6 months in before DS2 starts school, which means we have to begin in March. I was getting a bit suspicious because they haven't sent me any request for video yet.

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