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SN children

Overheard by a dinner lady

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Blossomgoodwill · 16/12/2006 17:47

I am quite angry tbh

Heard one of the dinner ladies saying to one of the children that he was being "such a naughty boy".

I am sure school's are not allowed to "label" children this way. They can say that what he was doing was naughty but not him iyswim. I don't want to sound overly pc but when you have children who take things literal I think it is important!

OP posts:
2snowshoes · 16/12/2006 18:04

that is bad. heard yesterday that dd's deputy head called a teen an "idiot" when telling him off

tobysmumkent · 16/12/2006 18:24

Message withdrawn

mamadadawahwah · 17/12/2006 18:24

Yeah, like saying "ooh, such a "good" baby..."

does that mean there are "bad" babies?

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