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How do know if I am making the right choice?

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mummy2aaron · 07/12/2006 22:25

I have the choice of about 6 schools for DS2. The first is the school that DS1 goes to - it's a brilliant school and I will send DD too but I can't help but feel they would not be very tolerant of DS2's behaviour. There is a couple of other choices which I am going to make appointments for but another choice is a Special Unit in a Mainstream Secondary School, which seems odd to me. They specialise in Autistic children. My 'team of pro's' seem to think DS1's school should be ok - send him and see what happens, it would be easier what with pick ups and drop offs, but I don't want them to end up asking me to remove DS2 and starting again. Similarly if he copes terrifically well in another school I will be pee'd off that I didn't send him to DS1's and saving me lots of hassle. What have you all done?

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PeachyIsNowAChristmasFruit · 07/12/2006 22:31

Eek what a situation. truth is, its a gamble whatever. I got it wrong- wish I had opted for a school slightly out of catchment- but go with the easiest option,DS1's option and go from there. But before you set it in stone, visit and have a good chat with the head and senco about it.

bananasinpyjamas · 07/12/2006 22:47

Just read your post and kinda having a similar dilemma. Have posted re different choices of approaches/ schooling. Its such a worry cos a little thing for most can be such a big thing for our kids.
Am a bit of a believer in gut instinct but need to do your research first. Lots of visits, talking to other parents... but I've no solutions cos am in the same dilemma as you!!!!!

isgrassgreener · 08/12/2006 13:02

Hi mummy2aaron
I sent DS2 to the same school as DS1 before we has a DX of HF/ASD. Reception was fine, but it all went very badly in year 1.
This was due to many things, but mainly the teacher, she couldn't cope with DS2 and handled situations very badly, not having the right support in class and the big change that comes with going into year 1 (not being able to play very often!)
Came very close to moving him, but now we have a statement and a full time assistant and a very good, lovely teacher we are having a really sucessful year.
Still feel that, had we been able to get a place in a mainstream, with a special unit I would have taken it, but we couldn't.
I don't feel that we have the ideal situation yet, but while things are going so well we are making the most of it.
Hope this is of some help.

mummy2aaron · 08/12/2006 16:53

Thanks guys, i have a month and some appointments booked - it's just dh is leaving it to me and it's such a big decision.

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