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Information about sensitivity to noise and related ASD please

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popsycal · 06/12/2006 19:24

Does anyone have any links that they could recommend where I could find out some info as drescribed in the thread title?

A family member is awaiting an appointment with a psychologist due to her reactions to many different situations

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COPPERfeelunderSantasTOP · 07/12/2006 10:32

Are you looking for info about noise sensitivity and how it's often linked to ASD or info about ways to try to reduce it?

popsycal · 07/12/2006 17:23

just to be awkward

Might help if I list a few of the issues:

  • car windscreen wipers - screams continuously and closes eyes if they are in use
  • hand driers - shakes uncontrolably
  • hair dryers and hoovers - ditto

    several issues have come up at school to do with the hall eing set up for lunch and the noise - triggering a fall out

    also, for reasons we cant work out, she closes her eyes. sometimes when she comes to our house, she will close her eyes for the duration (hours) yet play happily with eyes closed

    this has gone on for years and her mum has tried every strategy she can think of and gp is now referring her
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popsycal · 07/12/2006 19:53


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Socci · 07/12/2006 20:13

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Message withdrawn

Socci · 07/12/2006 20:14

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popsycal · 07/12/2006 20:17

Thanks socci - that is really helpful
she had the psych appointment and was pretty much brushed off as she can play and makes good eye contact

her mum has lots of experience with aspergers in her work and is unsure whether she fits the criteria but i know these things are sometimes linked

is there anything i could read up on?
mum is really at the end of her tether as school are making a big fuss whereas until she began school it was pretty much containable

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sis · 07/12/2006 20:27

This book is very good for information on sensory integration. Ds has a lot of problems with noise too but tends to find sudden loud noises very difficult to cope with rather than the high pitched or deep sounds that seem to upset the little girl in your family.

We have had occupational therapy for ds's sensory problems and the impact has been pretty amazing so there may be help available for the little girl in your family if she has similar problems.

popsycal · 07/12/2006 20:32

thanks so much - will look at the book. many thanks

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