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Anyone else dread days like Children In Need day?

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coppertop · 17/11/2006 10:00

It's not the charity itself or the money-giving that I dread but it's knowing that everything at school will be different today. Ds1 is 6yrs old, autistic, and takes everything literally.Having heard nothing from the school about what was planned I asked ds1 if he had been given a letter:

"Yes but I didn't take it because it was for children in need and I'm not in need."

I asked if his class had planned anything:

"Yes, we made biscuits to give to the children in need because they're not very rich."

I then asked if the children would be wearing different clothes today for CIN:

"Yes. The children in need wear their own clothes and everyone else will wear their school clothes."

All attempts at explaining things failed miserably so when we arrived at school and about 95% were in jeans ds1 said "There are a lot of poor children here today aren't there Mum?"

I feel cruel for laughing but couldn't stop myself.

OP posts:
corrina28 · 17/11/2006 11:28

i dont know whether to laugh or cry!!

Fattymumma · 17/11/2006 11:33

aww bless is funny though.

thankfully Ds's school is closed today

Tiggiwinkle · 17/11/2006 11:56

I must admit that made me smile!

We dread 'different' days here too-mind you, this whole half-term is difficult with all the build-up to Christmas-DS is already showing signs of stress which I am sure will get worse as the weeks go by.

2Shoes · 17/11/2006 12:41

dd hates non uniform days. I am sure she thinks she will get in trouble.
I feel proud when dd's school do these charity things. ds's schools never have.

macwoozy · 17/11/2006 13:10

It would be hard not to laugh at that

We also get 'jeans day' at our school, where we pay a small contribution for the pleasure of wearing a pair of jeans for a day. Only problem is my ds hates the feel of jeans, and refuses to even wear them, but to other parents it must look like that I just can't be bothered to dress him in jeans on that day.

coppertop · 17/11/2006 13:16

I hate those jeans days. Ds1 is tall and very thin so finding ones that fit him are a nightmare. I got him a belt to wear to keep them from falling down but he can't always get it undone when he needs the toilet, so I end up worrying that he'll wet himself (or worse!).

OP posts:
Davros · 17/11/2006 19:41

It was bad enough having to send DD in "fancy dress" today, for that read a shop-bought fairy dress. I'm a miserable old sod and I object to having other people's chosen charities shoved down my throat, I don't do it to them. DD couldn't care less today and lots of parents forgot but I can see it becoming really tiresome. At DS's special school we were asked to send them in something special (ha ha on that pun) for haloween (which I also object to!) but it doesn't really mean anything to him or many of the other children there. Funnily enough I find that less annoying as its fun for the staff, an excuse for a "theme" and no requests for money - I sent him in a Clash t-shirt and thought that was scary enough

onlyjoking9329 · 17/11/2006 20:48

DD came home from school and asked for some money, i asked what it was for and she told me she wanted to buy a poncy bear badge

MrsForgetful · 18/11/2006 00:06

now at secondary school is a real pain for ds1 on non-uniform days.... as he'd still rather wear uniform...he only likes wearing 'old fashioned' 'cheap...overwashed- gone bobbly...jogging bottoms....

so at primary...not a prob...but today i 'persuaded' him to wear something a little less likely to make him stand out....and bless him he did...and the minute he got home it was taken off...whereas...if he has uniform on ...he happily leaves it on till jamma time.

ds2 also hates any 'different days'...he would rather do maths than practice school his worst time of year is NOW when they start the runup to christmas...he just does not get it that normally kids would rather be sent on an errand etc...if it mean getting out of maths etc...but not ds2...he likes everything to follow the usual plan!

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