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Ds2 had an annual statement review today

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lou33 · 07/11/2006 18:08

He has settled in really well, has lots of friends , and a lot more confident, but his writing and reading ability is way below par for his age, (writing to do with his muscle tone and fine motor abilities), and his physio just said he is so stiff now that he is going to need botox injections for sure, and she is pretty sure he is ultimately going to need multi level surgery.

I was hoping that was going to be avoided.

He has a joint orthopaedic clinic at the end of november to set the ball rolling by getting him in the system, tho it wont be til he's a bit older

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2Shoes · 07/11/2006 18:17

that must be such a worry. are they taliking about the operation on the tendons?
I would love to talk to you more openly. can you email me
[email protected]

lou33 · 07/11/2006 18:27

i dont mind talking openly on here, i think it is muscle as well, we will find out more on 29th

it's hard atm, ds1 is coming up 8, so all excited about his birthday, which means ds2 is talking about his in feb, and he says the same thing when he talks about his birthday, and that is "when it's my birthday will i walk and not be disabled", so hearing he will have to go through this is a bit hard on top

plus right now he wants to be a footballer when he grows up

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2Shoes · 07/11/2006 18:54

i know what you mean it is so hard when they talk about the future and you know it won't happen.
I know quite a few children who have operations on their tendons and they have been so much better after.(have to say did seem it was better the younger they were.)
writing is hard enough without extra problems. how is he on the computor?

lou33 · 07/11/2006 18:57

he has a special mouse for school

it is hard, i just tell him to wait and see and do his exercises as best he can

he is such a positive olittle boy i hope i never have to give him bad news to change that attitude

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coppertop · 07/11/2006 19:10

That sounds so tough, Lou.

lou33 · 07/11/2006 19:12
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FioFio · 08/11/2006 07:23

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Blossomhill · 08/11/2006 09:12

Glad to hear ds has settled in well lou

Sorry to hear ds2 may need surgery, poor little love

lou33 · 08/11/2006 09:19

Thanks, it's a worry, was on my mind all evening, but i guess if it has to be done then so be it

It's just the thought of the recovery that upsets me, it's a long road. Hopefully it wont be for a while though

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