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Natasha Campbell-McBride and GAPS

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sphil · 06/11/2006 21:00

Has anyone taken their child to her clinic or followed her diet? Am reading her book (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) atm and it makes huge sense where DS2 is concerned but wanted to see if there was any direct experience of her methods on here. Did a search but nothing came up in archives.

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Jimjams2 · 06/11/2006 21:14

I know someone who did and found her scary! Someone at GM had used her as well but I am racking my brains unable to think who. Maybe Eileen would know?

sphil · 06/11/2006 21:23

Have just e-mailed you! Didn't want to bombard you with questions atm in case you were still sleep deprived...
Someone at GM did mention her but I can't remember who either. Might have been M with the t-shirts?

Her book is pretty scary reading - no potatoes!! In fact no starches of any kind. But the list of symptoms she describes fit DS2 to a T - not so much the gut ones but the eczema (v bad atm) and the constant nasal congestion. It worries me that he seems to be developing more and more food sensitivities as he gets older and I'm pretty sure there must be a connection between this and the autism. Just want to hear some success stories really.

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Jimjams2 · 06/11/2006 21:25

She did mention her but hasn't seen her. Someone had been to see her......

DS1 has got a lot better with food sensitivities. I think saccromyces made a HUGE difference to him.......

M doesn't do diets afaik, just enzymes.....

Jimjams2 · 06/11/2006 21:26

oh and supplements etc, but no diets.

sphil · 06/11/2006 21:32

Oh yes, no diets, I remember now. How I would LOVE to do no diets.
What are saccromyces?

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Jimjams2 · 06/11/2006 22:15

a type of yeast- crowds out candida- allows the gut to heal etc etc. That's the theory- it seems to have worked quite well.

Twiglett · 07/11/2006 13:30

sorry .. I don't know anything about this .. but picked up on a post about it being starch-free

if that's right we had DH on a starch free diet for about 2 years .. we had to keep iodine in the kitchen to test for starches (quite illuminating) and also almost every single processed food, including yogurts have modified starch added which was incredibly frustrating

unfortunately we didn't feel it helped DH and he did lose so much weight on it he looked decidedly ill .. so I'm glad we've stopped .. but just wanted to say it wasn't the easiest diet to follow but not impossible and you do get into a rhythm

sorry if I got the wrong end of the stick re the diet

sphil · 07/11/2006 18:39

Ooh, I like the sound of saccromyces! Candida is what BIBIC identified as DS2's problem and I've always felt the eczema was connected with that - it flared up badly when we went yeast free for 8 weeks, then calmed down, then came back when we re-introduced yeast.

Twiglett - I haven't read the book yet so don't know if you've got wrong end of stick either . But the starch free thing is the bit that worries me the most - I just don't know how he'll get enough bulk. AND you have to eat sauerkraut with every main meal

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