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SN children

can you believe this......

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anniebear · 06/11/2006 19:36

Ellie gets brought home on a bus on a mon and tues. We live in a narrowish 1 way st. It stopped outside and the carer brings her to the door

a taxi had to wait behind the bus for less that 2 mins and beeped at the bus

I shouted at him that the bus was dropping off children that have disabilities and could he just not wait 2 mins

he still wasn't bothered then and told me "not to get involved!! it was the drivers fault as he should have pulled into a space"

the driver just parks outside the houses I presume so it is not far for the children to go

I was all shook up when I came in and annoyed that I didn't get his reg number as DH would have made a complaint against him

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HumphreyComfreyCushion · 06/11/2006 19:41

I'm not surprised that you were annoyed - I would have been too!

This man was extremely rude to be shouting, especially with children around, and after you had explained the situation.

I hope karma will be handing out a couple of flat tyres to a certain taxi driver.

anniebear · 06/11/2006 19:46


few scratches against his taxi would be good too!!!!!!!

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