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Some good news on the eidsvold front

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eidsvold · 25/10/2006 06:27

  1. rang the orthotist and it turns out she still has the cast from dd1's orthotics ( shoe inserts) and will make a new one for us to try next week - thankfully after I have my anomaly scan ( same hosp!) so no recasting and no long wait!!!

  1. dd1's toilet steps were put in at kindy and her little face lit up when she saw them. She thinks they are fab. Hopefully that will help her be a little more independent at kindy!!!

A good day today!!
OP posts:
arfishymeau · 25/10/2006 06:56

That's great news Eids. . Sounds like all is going well for DD1 atm.

How's the pg btw ? How many weeks are you now?

eidsvold · 25/10/2006 08:46

18 weeks Friday I think.... lose countby no3.

Off for 20 week anomolay scan next Thursday - getting excited although our history is usually bad news at 20 weeks !!

OP posts:
ScummyMummy · 25/10/2006 09:58

Oh brilliant.

coppertop · 25/10/2006 10:18

Excellent news!

arfishymeau · 25/10/2006 12:36

18 weeks eh? In the loooooong middle bit. Let us know the results of the scan. .

Blu · 25/10/2006 23:20

LOL - I am pleased that the 'mystery of the disappearing orthotic' has a happy ending! And I'm very of the speedy response you get from your orthotics service!

Good to hear the steps were a hit - excellent!

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