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Talipes, Denis Browne boots & co-sleeping

22 replies

MummyPossum · 22/10/2006 14:38

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
chatee · 22/10/2006 17:24

could you not put the cot in your room next to your bed so you don't need the cot side on?

my dd was put in a full body hip spica cast at 4 months so we had to give up the breast feeding as seriously could not latch her on...but kept her cot next to ours just so it was easier in the night(the room was a bit of a squash and dh had to dismantle the cot to put it back in her room but was worth it)

when dd came out of cast she couldn't bare anything touching her skin so my dad built a little raised frame(tent style) so that the covers were covering her but not touching her body(iykwim?)

good luck xx

Blu · 22/10/2006 18:54

MummyPossum - congratulations on your new baby! DS had unilateral talipes but as part of a more complicated condition, so we couldn't use the Ponseti method. There is another MN-er whose child has now finished Ponseti treatment with huge sucess - I'll point her here. I don't think you will have too much bother co-sleeping with a child with boots and a bar...but i exepct she will know that, too!

Also, have you found the website of the STEPS organisation? They have a message board and lots of parents of 'Ponseti' babies - also 'Clubfoot uk'?

My nephew was born with dislocated hips and was in a harness which kept him in a frog shape until he was about 6months - he was co-sleeping.

Blu · 22/10/2006 23:53

STEPS Go to 'Discussion Forum' and there is a section for talipes.

lizardqueen · 23/10/2006 14:48

Hi MummyPossum,

Are you by any chance posting on the Yahoo talipes group as well? If so I've sent you a message this afternoon.

If not, let me know and I'll post a longer message to you on here.

p.s. my msg to you on talipes yahoo group wasn't about co-sleepinig, but fwiw I think you could co-sleep with a small baby who is wearing the boots and bar. My DS2 didn't get his boots and bar until he was nearly one, by which time he was big and could turn over himself and those bars are really hard and dangerous! But I certainly slept with him while he had his casts on.

MummyPossum · 23/10/2006 18:19

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
lizardqueen · 25/10/2006 14:46

He sounds adorable, MummyPossum!

Where is he being treated? And are they using the Ponseti method?

Apologies if you have posted this information already on the yahoo board!

Jackie2kids · 26/10/2006 12:50

Hi mummypossum
My dd (now 18mnths) had unilat tallipes and had casts for 6 weeks then boots and bar (ponsetti method). I really struggled to keep the boots on during the day as she kept pulling her foot out. In the end I wrapped her bare foot in scoll part feet shoe inserts to make them fit the boot, this helped a bit (the hospital approved of doing this). Even though I felt at the time her boots were more off than on her foot has corrected really well and is almost as straight as the other one. I co slept with dd from the word go as she never slept very well. The boots can be a bit of a problem at night especially when they get older as they cant turn over very well. I co slept with her throughout this as it ment I could turn her over easily and she slept better. DD slept in a sleeping bag (grobag or similar) as the boots do hurt if you get kicked! Hope this helps. Get in touch or post another message if you would like any support at all. J

MummyPossum · 26/10/2006 19:19

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
Jackie2kids · 27/10/2006 12:14

I sleep on a spare mattress with dd (ie just me and her) as also have 3yrold who often comes into bed too and not enough room for all 4 of us. I have dd in grobag with vest or vest and PJ top and keep the duvet just on me (wrapped around me). Hope you're getting on ok with the plasters its a bit of a hassle going every week isn't it? Also when you get the boots at least you can give them daily baths. J

Blu · 27/10/2006 18:07

Mummypossum - I have just remembered that when my nephew was in his 'frog' harness, and co-sleeping, what they actually did was use a cot which had a side which could go right down, and they had him in the cot, pushed right up against their bed, and with the side down. So he didn't have to go inbetween his parents, and they had the extra room. She slept next to him for easy night feeding.

It also meant that he could have his own independent bedding.

lizardqueen · 27/10/2006 22:49

Glad they're using Ponseti method lizardqueen.

When DS2 was a baby he was initially treated at the Royal London Hospital - this is five years ago, and they weren't doing Ponseti then.

After seven months I started taking him to Sunderland to see Mr de Kiewiet, much to the disgust of the consultant at the Royal London. But they were completely won over when they saw how well DS2's feet were corrected using Ponseti.

MummyPossum · 29/10/2006 16:33

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
lizardqueen · 30/10/2006 12:03

MummyPossum - yes, I think we were! I stayed in touch with the head of children's physiotherapy there, and she was very impressed with DS2's feet.

whitestar · 01/11/2006 22:07

Hi there,
My ds2 is 12 weeks old and has bilateral talipes he is now in boots and bars and sleeps fine under blankets, in fact he didn't like the sleeping bag when I tried it. But I think this was because his feet were sore at the time so I might try again over the winter. He comes into bed with me after his first morning feed at about 4am and I prop him up on a pillow next to me but he's never got tangled in sheet so far.
I did but some none slip mat called multi Grip from b and q at the weekend to put around his bar because 1 it's cold on your skin when you bring baby into bed with you and 2. It bloody hurts when they kick you with it!!!!
I've also notice that it seems to break the line of the bar up so people don't stare so much when we are out.
I hang out on the steps website ( I'm 'shadow' on there) I didn't know there was a yahoo talipes group anyone want to give me a link?
Good luck with the treatment you won't believe how quick the baby's feet change it's fantastic!

whitestar · 02/11/2006 23:35

bump so you see this
just glad I'm not the only mumsnetter coping with talipes

SamConrad · 05/08/2007 21:28

Hi everyone, just joined this site. My daughter is just over 5 months old and is now on her 2nd cast for unilateral talipes. We were previously treated using strappings (basically elastoplast wrapped around the foot and leg to try and hold it in position) had to wait 3 months for referral to LGI but at last we've started the posetti method.

Am worried that she will be held back from crawling as casting has started so late. Anyone else out there started late?

Also wanted to find out if anyone had to have tenotomy and how it went. I am dreading Emma having it done although I do know it's for the best in the long run.

Thanks guys

Dinosaur · 06/08/2007 15:17

Hi Sam!

My DS2 has bilateral talipes and we did not start Ponseti method casting until he was nearly 8 months old. Despite the late start and many anxious moments on the way, the Ponseti casting went fine.

The tenotomy was also much less awful than we had feared.

DS2 is six now and his feet are fine, although we do have to go for another check-up with the consultant next year which I am considering bringing forward to this autumn because I have a slight concern that one of his feet turns in a bit when he runs.

babalon · 06/08/2007 21:15

Come to the steps forum for CTEV/ talipes and chat on the forum I've found it a life saver. I post as shadow on there. There are quite a few parents who have children who started ponseti treatment later on.


SamConrad · 06/08/2007 21:15

Hi Dinosaur,
thanks so much for responding. It's really great to hear that your little one responded so well after starting so late.
Hope the check up goes well for you all

Dinosaur · 06/08/2007 22:08

Sam, where is your little one going to be treated, if you don't mind me asking?

SamConrad · 15/08/2007 21:10

She's being treated at Leeds General Infirmary. We started out at Airedale (where she was born) then were referred to LGI when Emma was 2 months old. Took us 3 months to finally see the specialist at LGI.

Been for her fourth casting today and all seems to be going well. She has a couple of cuts on her leg where she's been caught with the "saw" thing that they use to remove old cast but foot position is looking great.

TripleE · 06/02/2012 17:59

My little girl is 2 1/2 now, but we were so lucky and the hospital picked up on her talipes at one day old and she started with the plasters at 3 weeks. She has been fantastic and apart from having to wear the boots and bar at night you would have no idea! :)
She is using a 18-36 months grobag but I'm now finding it a bit narrow for her bar. She's quite dinky for her age so it's not a height thing and the bag is fine in length. Are the 3-6 years ones any better or can anyone recommend another make that are wider please!
Thanks x


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