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A SN review and a first school disco in one day.

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TeeCee · 20/10/2006 20:56

If the school are anything to go by we'll be getting those extra 5 hours a week, on top of the 25 hrs we get now, so that lunches are covered.

The school agreed it was dangerous her not having that cover and they were suppling it out of their own resources at present.

Her 1-2-1 teacher is amazing and I couldn't be happier and feel incredibly lucky and blessed.

On the down side I realise how hard the road ahead is going to be, and the school confirmd that if she didn't have a 1-2-1 she simply just wouldn't be able to be there. Bit of an ouch moment but hey she has got 1-2-1 and she is there so....

And we've just got back from her first ever school disco and it was FAB. She coped better than a lot of the children there. She used her walker, steered it brilliantly, gave the adults, who didn't notice they were in the way, a gentle nudge then waited and went on her way once they had moved (! ) She coped with being the pied piper very well (!), dealt with the hoards of children who stood round her all in her face, saying her name, stroking her cheek, showing her their bats and pumpkins etc. She danced, she laughed, she was an absolute star and I felt so, SO proud.

On the car on the way there she yawned and then immediatley said 'no tired'! She did loads of walking, and when i said it was time to go, she said 'night night everybody, thankyou' and took herself and that walker out through those doors. It was heaving and she was totally unfazed and just kept going and walked herself all the way to the car telling me and the other kids when we got to a kerb to 'stop, look, car coming, no, go'!!!!!!!

I don't think it's possible to love her anymore than I do right now

OP posts:
coppertop · 20/10/2006 21:09

Excellent news about the extra 1:1.

The disco sounds like it was a lot of fun. Good for dd!

TeeCee · 20/10/2006 21:36

Thanks CT.

OP posts:
chonky · 21/10/2006 10:42

Aw bless at the school disco story .

2shoescreepingthroughblood · 21/10/2006 11:28

that was lovely to read tc
so nice to read a hppy tale
what kind of walker does she use
(not just being nosy but curious) dc uses a walker when walking iynwim

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