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mrsforgetful · 21/04/2004 11:01

Well?.my boys will be leaving THAT school on Friday and starting the new one on Monday!

I feel I have died and gone to heaven!

Turns out the Head is friendly with the old head of the school they go to now?and infact he chose that head as a mentor when he started at this new school.

So seeing that I loved the old head?..and Thomas remembers him well ?.and our problems only began when he had to resign due to ill health- I feel this in itself is a good omen!!

So when I met the head and wandered round the school it was like turning back the clock 5 years to ?the good old days?.

The kids were running up to the head and cuddling him etc when we went out to the playground. That is a sight I thought I?d never see again!

Also since receiving my letter requesting they join his school he has been on the internet reading up on aspergers etc so that he had a better understanding. Maybe he?s a closet mumsnetter!!!!!!

He also said that they?d need my input to start with to make sure that they ?Get it right???what a difference to how I feel at the current school!

And the icing on the cake is that all the class sizes are all smaller?and Alex will be in a reception class with 1 ½ teaching assistants?..currently he has just the teacher!

Also as there are 4 classes dedicated ?special needs?. I saw a girl with DS and another who was partialy deaf.
It is to me a truly inclusive school as they may not be high up in the league tables? but they provide for all the children that the ?High Achieving? schools don?t cater for.

OP posts:
binkie · 21/04/2004 11:19

Please can I be the first to congratulate you all? I always look out for your posts and think this sounds wonderful. Well done!!

SoupDragon · 21/04/2004 11:21


dinosaur · 21/04/2004 11:22

OH mrsforgetful I'm so excited for you and Thomas and Leigh and Alex! Here's hoping this will be the answer to all your prayers - it certainly sounds very promising!

ks · 21/04/2004 11:24

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Davros · 21/04/2004 12:04

Effing hell MrsF, you're a miracle worker!! I'm sooo pleased they can change, the new school and Head sound great! Keep us posted

hercules · 21/04/2004 12:06

Really please for you mrs f.

You've worked so hard for your kids and they are very lucky to have you as their mummy.

KPB · 21/04/2004 12:21

Mrs F, I am so pleased for you. You must feel like a huge weight has been lifted from you. I am sure you will not regret your decision for a second and your children will be happier as they will be in a more caring, understanding environment! Roll on Friday.............

Batters · 21/04/2004 12:34

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RexandBen · 21/04/2004 12:51

oohh FANTASTIC NEWS!!!! Well done Mrs F!! WELL DONE!!!

lars · 21/04/2004 13:11

Excellent news!!
The Head sounds great and really interested in helping DS. My sister is a teacher and said that high league tables doesn't mean better special needs. A good SENC0 is really important as well and a supporting head who is willing to understand the child.
It does sound like the right move for you and it's very encouraging that the Head wants to learn more about aspergers and admits they may not always get it right and wants your help to resolve that. Keep us posted larsxx

mrsforgetful · 21/04/2004 13:36

Thanks to you all- Thomas and i are just about to go & visit to the school and meet his teacher/head- the head agreed to my suggestion that it was best for me to bring each child individually .... he laughed when i said that if they came together he would soon take back his offer!!

I know as the head said "he has no magic wands"...but i just have a feeling that this is the right choice- and both the AS boys have 'visibly lifted' since they found out. Leigh wrote "YIPEE!!!!!" on his magnadoodle!!!!

OP posts:
Thomcat · 21/04/2004 16:59

All I can say is that the goosebumps still haven't gone!
You must feel elated and I'm just SO thrilled for you.
Okay - about to well up........

tamum · 21/04/2004 17:07

Oh, how fantastic, MrsF. Well done for getting them in there, it sounds absolutely lovely.

tallulah · 21/04/2004 18:00

Wonderful news Mrs F!

coppertop · 21/04/2004 18:14

It sounds like the perfect school for your boys, Mrsf. Well done!

How did the Head of their current school react when she found out? Or are you hiding from her till Friday?

mrsforgetful · 21/04/2004 19:09

Now for a real laugh!!!!!

The head of the current school has sent a note home to say that she is leaving!!!!
apparently she is off to be an adviser to Head Teachers in our county

Now the big question......... is this a promotion or a sidestep forced on her due to me having involved the ED welfare team!!!

Only joking!

However thomas reckons she is leaving because of my letters of concern i sent to her!!!!
Ah! if only i were that powerful!

Wouldn't it have been funny (ha Ha) if she'd gone to the school we are moving to !!!

OP posts:
tamum · 21/04/2004 19:12

Maybe she feels that life just won't be the same without you MrsF

Actually, I hope she has just realised how badly she's doing.

coppertop · 21/04/2004 19:16

She obviously couldn't face school life without the mini-Forgetfuls. What would she do all day without your letters to read, MrsF?

Either that or she knows her ICT department will go to pieces without Tom there to help out every lunch-time!

Jimjams · 21/04/2004 19:42

Well done MrsF- sounds a wonderful school. The head's attitude makes such a difference.

lou33 · 21/04/2004 19:49

Mrs F I am delighted for you , well done!

twiglett · 21/04/2004 20:46

message withdrawn

mrsforgetful · 21/04/2004 21:06


It's ironic really- the week before the easter holidays i wrote her another letter- and the Ed Welfare phoned her the following week. In my letter i requested she reply by 20th April . I have been so proccupied with all this that i didn't notice till i was writing the 'resignation' letter to advise her of our departure that yesterday WAS the 20th.....and she has NOT replied!!!! Nice to think she lived up to my expectations.....was also very strange to start to feel agitated about her non-reply and then remember i don't have to feel like that anymore.

OP posts:

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Davros · 22/04/2004 11:47

LOL Twiglett!

maryz · 22/04/2004 12:53

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mrsforgetful · 22/04/2004 20:56

well- i've been to the school once alone,once with tom,once with leigh.......and tomorrow i go with Alex.....and i am still ecstatic!

Was interesting with leigh today during the visit he started lying he does....and the head came in and i said to leigh- "This is Mr XYZ" and he carried on rolling over the comfy chairs he found..... then i said "say helloo" he did his "robot voice" and said a very stilted hello....then i said "tell mr XYZ some of your sums"....he stood straight and began reciting the ones he always does if asked....then the Head said what's 200 divided by 4 and he said 50 straight away ....then started things like "and 75 x 4 is 300" etc....the head said he was doing well for a 7 yr old.....then i bid farewell and got out before he rolled around again!! this Head knows my concerns for leigh....and THAT is the whole reason for transfering to that school in the first this 'performance' didn't 'worry' me as it would have done elsewhere- if you see what i mean.

So when i came home i called the paed and took up her offer to observe him before the end of the school year.

Spoke to his teacher briefly and i said i'd give her a brief list of his behaviours/coping mechanisms/stims and routines that she is aware. it may be that some of these 'dissappear' as he will be in this 'supportive' setting....however it could also be that despite the 'nurture and care' that he struggles with settling and even more behaviours in that case having my list will serve as a 'baseline' for her to know what was there already and what may be due to the transition etc.

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