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stressfull morning

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redbullbloodandbump · 16/10/2006 11:11

took ds to his physio check up at 9 felt so ill with morning sickness, he was really good there then we had to pop to sainsburys wich resulted in 2 meltdowns,
then got on the bus there was only 1 person on the bus i told ds to go and sit down and he wouldnt the old lady tried to hold him up as the bus was moving wich resulted in ds smacking her hand and screaming let go then i appologised like anything but wished she kept her nose out of my business
then the post office to pay the rent and ds had a full meltdown in their he threw his hat across the shop knocked down some cerial boxs on a display then picked up a packet of biscuits and threw them all this happened during his meltdown he just lashes out at anything, finally just got home and hes now calmed down and im having loads of crisps!!

OP posts:
fortyplus · 16/10/2006 12:49

Poor you. The old lady was trying to be kind but should not have touched him without asking you so you can't blame yourself for that one!
A wise old friend once gave me some advice that probably goes against everything you've been told but it worked for me...
Much 'bad' behaviour is caused by us putting the child in a situation that they quickly find boring. So if you look at it from ds's point of view he's had a really bad day - mum probably not much fun as she's not feeling good, but managed to control himself durung physio. By this time he's starting to feel hungry and his blood sugar levels are dropping. Instead of something fun he gets dragged off to supermarket which he straight away knows is going to be really boring - especially if he's stuck in an uncomfortable trolley seat. Then a scary old witch grabbed him and frightened him to death. Feeling worse and worse - starving now - but got taken somewhere else boring so managed to liven things up a bit by chucking hat around and investigated laws of physics by knocking boxes over - at least that was fun!
At last he's home and feels safe and knows that he's got toys to play with - and I bet mum has given him something to eat.
So the point is... we expect our kids to behave for what is really quite an unreasonable length of time doing things that they find boring. They just want to assert themselves and have some fun. And her top tip? When they start grizzling, give them some chocolate! She reckons they start to act up when their blood sugar levels fall and chocolate is the perfect 'quick fix' to get it back up. I thought that my kids would learn to misbehave just to get the chocolate, but they didn't. The other thing is to keep up a constant running commentary pointing things out to him. People will look at you as though you're mad, but the behaviour should improve! [smile}

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