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What's Brighton like to live in or near for a child with sn?

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charleypopspreviouslyntt · 13/10/2006 11:52

We're thinking of moving there next year. I have spoken to someone at Amaze and have a copy of their book "Through the Maze" for parents of kids with sn, and it seems to be a pretty switched on place with lots to do?

Any Brighton sn mums here?

OP posts:
2shoescreepingthroughblood · 13/10/2006 12:39

i am biased
but having friends who live in other areas I know that is good for
wheelchairs/nappies/sw's to name but a few

email me on [email protected] if you want to ask more detailed questions.
Oh and how good we will be able to meet.

Socci · 13/10/2006 15:02

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Pixel · 13/10/2006 18:49

Hi, I'm in Brighton too . I've found SN provision here to be very good. (Otherwise we would be living in Shoreham or Lancing and paying less rent ). We have had lots of help with equipment etc and as you have discovered Amaze are great. I expect they told you about their SN cinema club/free swimming etc. Those are the things we get most use from.

charleypopspreviouslyntt · 13/10/2006 19:59

It's all sounding good!

Hope I'll meet some of you when we move

OP posts:
CaptainPlump · 15/10/2006 22:01

Hello! I'm in Brighton too, and have been told that we're very lucky with services for special needs. I've felt very supported since getting a diagnosis of ASD for DS 4 months ago. Amaze are fantastic for helping with DLA claims and trying to get statements - I don't know if anything like that exists elsewhere in the country, but I've found their help invaluable so far!

RnBloody · 16/10/2006 09:11

yep brighton is a great place to be if you have a child with SN. we are so pleased we moved here. CAT me if you like x

sphil · 16/10/2006 18:16

Make sure it's Brighton though and not out our way (Lewes). Since Brighton and Hove became a separate authority all our services come from Eastbourne - the services themselves are good but every appointment, support group etc is 45 mins away (on a good day). Also the special school in Lewes closed down two years ago and the nearest are in Eastbourne and Crowborough. We are now outside catchment area for Brighton schools . Not sure how far Brighton and Hove extends officially ifswim - worth checking.

2shoescreepingthroughblood · 16/10/2006 18:19

have to be careful that you don't fall under w sussex or e sussex. as long and you are under brighton and hove you are ok. think w sussex starts at shoreham.

all these people who live around brighton with sn kids
when are we meeting??

Tortington · 16/10/2006 18:27

depending on the type of special need i think that both west sussex and east sussex are amazing.

my dd was diagnosed with patial deafness and fitted with new hearing aid, i had a woman come to see me and regualr appointments in place - all with in a matter of a few months

2shoescreepingthroughblood · 16/10/2006 19:01

custy wan't dissing west sussex
just that i have friends in w sussex and it is really tight for nappies and wheelcahirs compared to b&h

charleypopspreviouslyntt · 16/10/2006 19:34

This is great news! We always planned to move out of Surrey but with ds's problems and all the subsequent professional support we now have in place, I was beginning to feel trapped and down because I'm really not happy here. I'm sure the move will still be a nightmare, but I guess the sooner the better. RnB will email you, thanks

OP posts:
Pixel · 16/10/2006 22:10

2shoes, I think it must start at Southwick because I'm in Portslade and the border path actually runs along the back of my garden.

2shoescreepingthroughblood · 16/10/2006 22:43

knew it was arround there somewhere.

MABS · 17/10/2006 18:36

I get F A help with nappies in W Sussex.

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