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DD's questions about a classmate with SN

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bakedpotatooooowoooh · 07/10/2006 18:43

Wondering how best to answer her, really. She has just gone into reception at primary with a boy with SN who was also at nursery with her (don't know his diagnosis). She is really fond of him, as is the rest of the class.
DD just told me that he is 2 and that's why he's a bit different.
I said no, he was 4 or 5, like the rest of the class, but she said I was wrong, he was 2. I let it drop for now.
Any advice on how to handle this?

OP posts:
BATtymumma · 07/10/2006 18:45

It may have been that the teacher has tried to explain this childs needs to the class by saying that he behaves like someone that is 2.

i know that is how i explain about my DS have to remember your dealing with what is essentially a 3 year old not a 6 year old.

i would just leave it for now. it doesn't hurt anyone for her to think he is 2.

bakedpotatooooowoooh · 07/10/2006 22:18

Thanks for your post, good advice.

I do have a feeling she will come back to it though, and I don't want to mislead her.

OP posts:
scAIRY · 07/10/2006 22:26

I would talk to teacher. I wouldn't want to mislead my dd either, kids remember thing forever lol
My dd is disabled but physically so very easily explained to other kids in her class.
Maybe teacher or little boys mum can give some info on how best to explain things to the other kids.
When dd was in reception we both together wrote out a little explanation of what was wrong with dd, why she can't do certain things was in her words and her teacher put in on the wall and explained it to the others.
Something similar may be possible here??

Jimjams2 · 07/10/2006 22:46

I'd leave the age thing (although it does annoy me a bit when other kids think ds1- aged 7 -is a baby because he can't speak - sure but he can climb higher and balance better than any of you lot ) I agree with BAT the teacher has almost certainly tried to explaiin it by saying he is "like" a 2 year old.

It would help if you knew what the SN were as then you could give it a name (I find a name helps ds2 "oh look mummy there's a bus for autistic children" "oh look mummy we can't park there because that's for autistic children" "can I use this car seat mummy or is it just for autistic children") but really the point that he understands is that "ds1 finds it difficult". So "ds1 finds it difficult to talk, ds1 finds it difficult to understand why he has to sit down at tea time (but you don't do you., you understand), ds1 finds it difficult to go to the supermarket, ds1 finds it difficult to go to a park with lots of children" etc etc. I find "finds it difficult to" goes a long way towards explaining a)why the bheaviour may be odd and b)why the child may seem to get away with things.

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