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How significant might it be that DS's fontanelle is still very big at 15 months?

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MegaLegs · 29/09/2006 13:32

It really doesn't seem to be closing at all. The pead we see at CDC didn't seem too concerned when I metioned it at his review in June. I googled it last night and have of course scared myself stupid as it is a factor, along with his hypotonia and GDD, in a great many syndromes.

Anyone had experience of this?

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charleypopspreviouslyntt · 29/09/2006 14:23

Can't help, sorry, but can say that I'm worried about the opposite - ds's closing over too soon, it's still there, but smaller than it was (he's 15 months old and has a hypotonic trunk with mixed/dystonic quad cp) and it's one of my fears that it'll close entirely and his head will stop growing. Just another stick to beat ourselves up with I think...

Does your son have a proper dx?

MegaLegs · 29/09/2006 20:02

You're so right about beating ourselves up. No he doesn't have a dx yet. He has just been referred to a muscle specialist although there is a ten week waiting list. He is due some more blood test too as the last lot were inconclusive.

Out of the blue I met the lady who was in the bed opposite me on the ward when I had him. Her ds is 1/2 an hour older than mine. It broke my heart to see him toddling along holding her hand.

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hub2dee · 29/09/2006 20:16

Sounds like a sad moment megalegs.

hunker had a related concern, perhaps her thread might have some useful comments ?

Thomcat · 29/09/2006 20:22

DD1's stayed open for ages and ages. DD2's never seemed to be open in the first place.
I could see DD1's pulsating under her head, never been aware of DD2's and it certianly isn't there now. DD1's styaed open for a properly long time.

MegaLegs · 29/09/2006 20:28

Thanks hub2dee - that thread has put my mind at rest somewhat. My other three didn't have this problem although they were all natural deliveries, ds4 was a c/s and I've been told that because he wasn't squeezed down the birth canal his fontanelle might take longer to close. It just still seems so huge at 15 months and I worry that now he is sitting and trying to crawl he might injure himself.

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MegaLegs · 29/09/2006 20:31

Thomcat - and just how long is a properly long time may I ask? (can't do the italics)

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Thomcat · 29/09/2006 20:37

I'm rubbish at remembering things like that Megalegs, sorry, I just know it seemed to be there forever. I'd be guessing but I'd say well over a year but I really can't be more specific, sorry.

Thomcat · 29/09/2006 20:40

Oh and I just read your heart-breaking moment. So understand where you are coming from there. Chikdren younger than Lottie being more edvanced doesn't seem to bother me as kids exactly her age being more advanced, don't quite know why that is, but it hurts sometimes.

WigWamBam · 29/09/2006 20:42

From what I can gather it's not at all unusual for the fontanelle not to close completely until a child is 2, and with dd it was closer to 2.5 - hers always seemed very large, plus she was totally bald so it was a lot more obvious than it was in her peers.

Don't get too worried about him injuring himself - the membrane that covers the fontanelle is very, very tough and will protect him far better than you think!

charleypopspreviouslyntt · 29/09/2006 21:23

How brilliant that he's sitting and nearly crawling Megalegs! He'll be zooming round in no time I'll bet! I've seen it with my own eyes at our special playgroup - little kids just learning to sit very late, (so late their mums think they might not...) then the next week they're bum shuffling, the week following they're bum shuffling like the wind, crawling the next, pulling up the next - then walking!! It's amazing to see them running round exploring and learning, such a big step!

Can you share any sitting tips???????? Or rolling come to that...........?

MegaLegs · 30/09/2006 10:39

DS was given a corner seat by the physio and lots of exercises to strengthen his trunk. Started with lots of playing on his tummy ,on the floor with a rolled up towel under his arms and chest to raise his head up. Also used to lie him across my leg to play like this. as he got stronger I used to sit him against my legs or next to me in the corner of the sofa. The rolling just followed on from playing on the floor, leaving things just out of reach and making him stretch. (Meany)

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charleypopspreviouslyntt · 30/09/2006 10:54

Hmm, doing all that (maybe not enough...) guess they're all different...x

hockeymum · 30/09/2006 12:20

megalegs - found this thread in latest topics, didn't realise it was a SN thread till just now.

DD does not have SN but her fontanelle was HUGE and didn't close till she was 3. HVs weren't concerned, nor was the hospital when she was in having fits between 1 and 2 years old. I think they all vary but anytime up to about 3 is the norm. Thought the non SN opinion might be helpful

hunkermunster · 02/10/2006 15:27

Hiya ML - DS1's not SN, but his fontanelle has only just properly closed, although there's a ridge where it was. It was massive when he was born (DS2's is the same) and the HV said that it's likely that I just have babies who have large fontanelles.

So another non-SN perspective, if that helps at all.

Bethron · 02/10/2006 15:30

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

MegaLegs · 02/10/2006 20:05

Thanks all - these replies are making me feel much better about it all. I'm just a worrier.

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